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3D fault model building 4m European Solar Telescope (EST) 5G/6G cellular networks accesible information Action Recognition and Anticipation adaptive AI Adattamento costiero Additive Manufacturing Affordable africa agent-based modelling Agent Based Modeling agri-food law agri-food systems Agricoltura agricultural and forest machinery and mechanization agricultural economics and policy agricultural microbiology; plant-soil interactions; climate change; epigenetics and gene regulation; food chemistry; wine agriculture agriculture 4.0 agriculture; transfer of knowledge and technologies; cooperation network; rural development; sustainable management of natural resources agroecologia agronomy AI AI framework AIoT Algebra and Rings Algebraic Geometry alienness All-electric aircraft Allergy ALS alternative material alzheimer's disease Ambiente ambiente mediterraneo e centro europeo amplificazione molecolare amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Analog/Mixed Signal Analysis modelling and simulation of biological systems analytical methodologies ancient religion animal behaviour animal production animal production; poultry and rabbit farming; gut microbiota; quality of animal products; nano-encapsulated polyphenol extracts annual species Antarctica; Volcanoes; Seismology; Gas geochemistry; Rock geochemistry antibiotic resistance antifungals antimicrobial alternative strategies antimicrobial resistance antimicrobials antivirals Antropologia antropologia sociale; antropologia dei processi migratori; antropologia delle religioni; antropologia politica; rituali collettivi; etnografia Application of physic in biology Applied phisics apprenticeships archaeology archeologia cristiana e medievale archetypes artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence in Industry Asset Recovery Offices Astrophysics atherosclerosis augmented reality aurantifolii autoantibodies autoimmune diseases Autoimmunity automatic control; smart grid; mathematical modelling of complex systems; energy distribution systems; complex systems; network control automotive autophagy avionics Back End Design Bacterial Infections bacteriology basi biologiche del cancro begomovirus behavioral types. big data Big Data Analytics biochemistry biocides biodiversity Biodiversità bioeconomy bioenergy bioengineering Bioinformatics bioinorganic chemistry; cell biology; chemical speciation; drug delivery; nanoparticles; metal homeostasis bioinspired adhesives Biologia del suolo biologia strutturale e cristallografia Biologia vegetale applicata biomarker biomass biomass production biomaterials biopesticides bioprodotti Biopsia liquida Biopsie Liquide bioraffineria biosensore biotechnology blue-green infrastructures book history botanicals brain Brassica breast cancer Breast Cancer. breeding Building buildings byproducts Cambiamenti ambientali e sociali Cambiamento Climatico cancer cancro cardiology cardiovascular diseases caregiver elderly people carnosine Celle solari tandem Cell signaling Cell signalling challenging pathogens chemical industry chemistry chemotherapy child-centered approach childhood children and adolescents chimica farmaceutica China chronic wounds cibo Circular economy Circulating cell-free ribonucleic acid citizen citrus civil engineering cleansing product climate change clinical knowledge clinical studies clinical trial Coastal protection codicology colorectal cancer Colture industriali non alimentari Combinatorics community-based design Commutative Algebra Comparative history COMPLEX SYSTEMS – PREDICTION – EARTHQUAKES – BRAIN - FINANCIAL MARKETS – NUMERICAL SIMULATIONS – AGENT BASED MODELS composite materials Compositi computational mechanics computational methods Computer Aided Design computer architecture computer engineering computer vision comunication Confiscation conflict Conservation contrast to caporalato; irregular employment; awareness raising; networking Controllo biologico controllo delle piante infestanti Controllo integrato cooperation Corpus linguistics Correlation studies cost analysis cow-calf relationship – organic animal production – milk production criminalization of migrants criminal law crisis cropping systems analysis crop wild relatives cross-protection vaccines Crosstalk Cryo- CMOS cucurbits cultural heritage cultural heritage rapresentation and documentation Cyclodextrin Polymers DASA data data lake data mining Data Mining. Data Science Deep Renovation defence deliberative democracy Democratic Republic of the Congo depression desertificazione Design Automation detection developmental neurobiology diabetes diagnosis diagnostic system didactics dieta salutare Difesa integrata DIGIT Digital Humanities digital industry dinamica delle popolazioni diplomatic disease Disease Trajectories Disfunzione endoteleale Dissemination Disturbi della sfera sessuale diversification Diversity DNA damage DNA replication DNA tumorale circolante dolore cronico primario Dopamine/Dysbindin interaction doxorubicin drainage and land reclamation drowsiness drug resistance e-infrastructures Early Childhood Education and Care early diagnosis early warning Early Warning score Earth Climate earthquake Eastern Mediterranean easy to read language Eco-etnografia eco friendly Econometrics economia e politiche dell'istruzione Economics economy ecophysiology edge computing Edizione critica messinscene teatrali registrazioni audio e video digitalizzazione documentaria messa in rete on line education efficienza d’uso delle risorse Egocentric Vision Egypt electrical machines electric transportation Electronic Design Automation Electronic Engineering electronic measurements Electronics laboratory embedded software emigration/immigration enabling technologies Endocrinology energia solare Energy Energy efficiency Energy efficient Energy Harvesting energy simulation energy storage systems. engineering Entomologia environment environmental and climate environmental aspects of animal husbandry Epigraphy erbicidi ERC Keyword 1 eredità culturale erosion ESFRI european solar telescope Eventi estremi meteo-marini Eventi estremi meteo-marini. Rete di osservazione dello stato del mare. Microseism exchange family Farmaco-Resistenza Light farming Feeds and feed technology fertiliser fertility Fibre naturali financial first person vision fisica matematica Fitofagi e patogeni flash flooding fluidodinamica food food policies food safety food system Forestry forestry competitiveness Forfeiture formal methods in computer science formulates Fotocromismo Fotovoltaico fragility index Free keywords from Edge to Exascale AI fruitculture fruition Functional biodiversity aboveground-belowground; natural derived compounds; natural antagonists; root symbionts; pollinators; intercropping; bordercropping; circular production fundamental research fungal disease fuscans fusion energy GaN gender genebank gene encoding genetically modified organisms genetic resources genomic instability genomics geographical mobility Geography geology germoplasm Global and transnational governance globalisation green-aware AI Grobner Deformation Growth Habitat restoration Health Health care health care financing Health care sciences and services health management healthy diet Heavy ion Reactions high-capacity fixed networks high-throughput sequencing high education high quality AI home healthcare Homological Algebra and Category Theory Hormones horticulture HPC Huanglongbing disease Human-centered AI human geography human life human rights human trafficking hyaluronic acid hybridization hydraulic hyperbolic and kinetic equations ICT ideology IGF-I receptor imaging immune system Immunotherapy Impero bizantino Inclusivity India Industrial motor drive Industrial symbiosis industry Induttori di resistenza della pianta Inequality infectious diseases infezioni batteriche Inflammation Information and communication technology innovation Innovative financial schemes insects Insect vector Insetticida a base di RNA In silico trials In silico trials; virtual physiological human; regulatory science institution Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and/or receptors Insulin-like Growth factor IGF and or receptors insulin receptor Integrated Circuit integrated electronic circuits Integrated pest management integrative AI Integrative Genomics intelligent transportation systems Intensive Rehabilitation interculturality interethnic relations international law international mobility international relation internet of things In vitro imaging and/or live cell imaging Ipogonadismo maschile. irrigation Italian language Italian linguistics Italian philology Kant Knowledge Base And Sample Sustainability knowoledge lab-on-chip labor law labour market LCA learning Legal Persons Lexicography and lexicology Liposomi liquid biopsy livestock local area networks logistics low literacy skills Luce machine Learning Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magnetic Spectrometers Magnetism management Management of assets Management of invasive alien species (IAS) mantle cell lymhoma Maputo marine biology maritime transport market materials engineering mathematics meccanica del continuo Medical physics Medical Warning medicine Medieval Italo-Romance varieties Mediterranean diet Mediterranean environment mediterraneo mental handicap messenger RNA metabolic diseases metabolomics and metabonomics metal ions metallurgy and metallurgical engineering methane Mezzogiorno Micro and nano technologies microbials Microbiota Microelectronics Microelectronics Microsystems engineering Signal processing Cell signalling and cellular interactions Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience microfluidica microorganism characterization. micro RNA microscopia Microscopy Microseism Microsystems engineering migrants migration Mitigazione dei cambiamenti climatici mitochondria modeling modelli mesoscopici e termodinamica estesa modelling modelling and simulation modellistica molecolare molecular and cellular bases of metabolic defects – diabetes - internal medicine - cell biology – metabolism -glucagon like peptide-1 molecular diagnostic molecular recognition molecular sensing monitoraggio Monitoring Montecassino Morocco Mozambique multi-messengers multi-targeting and poly-pharmacology municipal waste museum Mutidrug Resistance Mutual recognition Mutual trust mycobacteria Myeloma; Microenvironment; Immuno-editing; Immunosuppression and/or suppressor cells; Immunotherapy nanochemistry nanodelivery Natura2000 network natural extracts Natural products; biological targets; organic synthesis natural virus resistance neuro-infiammazione neurochemistry neuroimaging neuroimaging and computational neuroscience neuropharmacology neurophysiology neuroscience Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Neutrinos Neutron detector new courses new drugs discovery new eco-friendly new programs NGS nitric oxide Nuclear physic Nuclear physics nucleic acid testing numerical analysis numerical modelling numerical simulation Nutraceutical nutrition nutrizione obesity Object Interaction Recognition and Anticipation On- board charger Oncogenes One-health perspective open access Open science operating systems organic farming organic waste Ossidi Trasparenti Conduttivi Ossido Nitrico osteoarticular pathology Packaging Palaeography parasitoids Parkinson’s disease partial differential equations pavement maintenance PEA-OXA Perovskite personalized medicine pervasive AI Pervasive Intelligence pest Petography pharmacology pharmacology; neuropharmacology; neuroscience photodetectors Photovoltaic inverter phytophthora pistachio Plant biology plant breeding Plant disease plant pathogens plant production Plant translocation plasmonic-based device plastic PNRR Polimeri di ciclodestrine polymers and plastics polymers and plastics; materials engineering; sustainability; nanocomposites; recycled plastics and bioplastics Polymers and plastics; Metallurgy and metallurgical engineering; Composite materials; Materials engineering; New materials; Additive manufacturing Polytheism pomegranate population Population reinforcement Posidonia Oceanica Post-harvest diseases postharvest technologies Power conversion power electronics power plant Power Semiconductors pragmatics Pratiche agronomiche tradizionali pre-schools teachers/educators precision agriculture Precision Livestock Farming precision medicine preclinical Predictive Modeling Prefabricated components Proceeds of crime processors and accelerator. process technology Production and distribution networks Produzioni vegetali professional development progettazione e scoperta di farmaci prognosis prostate cancer proteasome Proteomics Protezione delle colture Protontherapy enhancement psychiatry Public Engagement Quantum-coherent communication links Quantum algorithms Quantum Computing Quantum computing architectures Quantum science Quantum technologies Radiation radiomica radioterapia Radiotherapy railway rare diseases rationality real-time systems recovery refugee regional planning public policies multilevel governance sociology of the territory territorial systems regional and local development Regulatory; drug development; modelling and simulation methods; standards; ecosystem; orphan and paediatric medicines religious Remanufacturing remote sensing Replanting Research Infrastructures resilience resilient AI resistance resources Restauro degli ecosistemi marini restoration Rete di osservazione dello stato del mare Retinopatia diabetica - Prevenzione - Medicina molecolare - Infiammazione Reti trofiche rett syndrome reuse rhetoric Riabilitazione e restauro di specie e di habitat rilevamento di una singola molecola risk evaluation Risorse acquatiche RNA RNA-based therapeutics road monitoring Robustness rogramming languages Route2Innovation rural heritage rutaceous safe driving satellite networks Scalable quantum computing systems scenarios school schools scientific computing sea Second Millennium BCE security Seed banks Seismic upgrade seismology Semantic web Senegal sensori Sensors sequestring servizi ecosistemici shared mobility shelf-life shelf life SIC siccità Sicily Signal processing Signal transduction inhibitors silicon photomultiplayer silicon photomultipliers Sindrome metabolica Single-Cell Data sistema endocannabinoide skin ulcer small RNA Smart Agriculture smart cities smart city management smart driving smart hydrogel Smart Mobility smart packaging snapshot social enterprises social inclusion Social Mining Social Reuse social sciences social structure SOD1G93A software engineering soil solar physics sostanza organica naturale sostenibilità sottoprodotti di disinfezione South America Space Weather spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques staff Stakeholders' involvement storia della scuola storia delle idee storia delle istituzioni storia del paesaggio storia economica storia sociale Stratification Stress ossidativo structural chemistry structural geology strumenti digitali; pratiche didattiche flessibili student submarine Sun supercomputing Supply Chai surface chemistry sustainability sustainable agriculture sustainable bio-socio-cognitive AI Sustainable materials sustainable regeneration Sustainable science Sviluppo rurale Sviluppo sostenibile e protezione della Natura Symbiotic AI synthetic methodologies system identification System Reliability systems and software Systems thunkin teaching technologies tectonics tectonophysics TEI Telecommunication networks telecommunications telemedicine telescope Telescopes testicular germ cell tumour theoretical computer science Threatened native plants Ties with industry tobamovirus tomato tomatoes tourism training Transnational European support transportation transportation planning treatment trial Tsunami Tuberculosis tumor tumor-immune microenvironment tumori Tyrosine kinase receptors (TKR) and/or inhibitors ubiquitin universal immune system simulator urban rural and regional economics urban scale Urgenza climatica use public-private partnership VDAC1 vehicles and transportation systems Virtual Biosensor virus diagnostics volatiles waste wastewater water water resource management Wearable Vision welfare Western legal culture Wireless Network-on-chip xanthomonas citri Zootechnics