Smart multifunctional hyaluronic acid-carnosine based bandages for wound care and regenerative therapy
Altri programmi dell'Unione Europea
Call / Bando: 
M-ERA.NET 2 - Call 2016
Settore ERC: 
Life Sciences
Ruolo Unict: 
Durata del progetto in mesi: 
Data inizio: 
Giovedì, 1 Marzo 2018
Data fine: 
Domenica, 28 Febbraio 2021
Costo totale: 
€ 1.048.044,00
Quota Unict: 
€ 228.500,00
Università degli Studi di Catania
Responsabile/i per Unict: 
Cristina Satriano
Dipartimenti e strutture coinvolte: 
Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche
Altri partner: 

Fidia Farmaceutici S.P.A. (Siracusa, Italy), Universitè Libre de Bruxelles (Belgio), IONICS (Belgio).


An emerging approach for care and regenerative therapy of chronic wounds, which have an increased incidence in elderly, diabetics, immuno-suppressed and immobilised people, uses smart hydrogels for a spatio-temporally triggerred repair process. Hyaluronic acid (HyA)-based dressings are already safely used, e.g., in treating diabetic foot ulcer. The novel multifunctional HyA-CAR(GHK)-Cu dressing, deposited via an atmospheric plasma technology ad hoc designed and developed, starts from HyA conjugated with a dipeptide (carnosine, CAR) and/or a tripeptide (GHK), exhibiting inhibitory effects against carnosinase as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The scaffold is further implemented by the incorporation of copper, which has angiogenic and antibacterial properties, as well as SOD-like activity in the CAR-Cu and GHK-Cu complexes. The HyA-CAR(GHK)-Cu hydrogels will provide a novel unique synergic activity in the modulation of the wound healing and scar repair actions.