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4m European Solar Telescope (EST) accesible information Action Recognition and Anticipation Additive Manufacturing Agent Based Modeling agriculture agriculture; transfer of knowledge and technologies; cooperation network; rural development; sustainable management of natural resources agronomy Allergy ALS alzheimer's disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis annual species antibiotic resistance antifungals antimicrobials antivirals apprenticeships artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence in Industry Astrophysics atherosclerosis augmented reality aurantifolii autoantibodies Autoimmunity automotive autophagy avionics bacteriology big data biochemistry biodiversity bioeconomy bioenergy biomarker biomass biomass production biomaterials biotechnology blue-green infrastructures botanicals brain breast cancer Breast Cancer. breeding byproducts cancer cardiology caregiver elderly people carnosine Cell signaling Cell signalling challenging pathogens chemistry chemotherapy childhood China chronic wounds citizen citrus climate change clinical knowledge clinical trial colorectal cancer community-based design composite materials computational methods computer vision comunication conflict contrast to caporalato; irregular employment; awareness raising; networking cooperation cow-calf relationship – organic animal production – milk production crisis Crosstalk cultural heritage data defence deliberative democracy Democratic Republic of the Congo detection developmental neurobiology diabetes diagnostic system didactics disease Disease Trajectories diversification Dopamine/Dysbindin interaction doxorubicin drowsiness drug resistance early diagnosis early warning Early Warning score Earth Climate earthquake easy to read language eco friendly economy ecophysiology education Egocentric Vision Egypt Endocrinology engineering environment erosion european solar telescope exchange farming fertility financial first person vision flash flooding food food safety food system Forestry forestry competitiveness fragility index fruitculture fungal disease fuscans fusion energy gene encoding genetically modified organisms genomic instability genomics geology germoplasm Global and transnational governance globalisation Health care health management high education home healthcare Hormones horticulture Huanglongbing disease human life human rights human trafficking hyaluronic acid hydraulic hyperbolic and kinetic equations ICT ideology IGF-I receptor India industry infectious diseases Inflammation innovation insects Insect vector institution Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and/or receptors Insulin-like Growth factor IGF and or receptors insulin receptor Integrated pest management Integrative Genomics interculturality interethnic relations international law international mobility international relation internet of things Kant Knowledge Base And Sample Sustainability lab-on-chip learning livestock low literacy skills machine Learning Magnetism management mantle cell lymhoma Maputo maritime transport market mathematics Medical Warning medicine mediterraneo mental handicap metal ions metallurgy and metallurgical engineering methane microbials migrants migration mitochondria modeling modelling molecular recognition Monitoring Morocco Mozambique museum Myeloma; Microenvironment; Immuno-editing; Immunosuppression and/or suppressor cells; Immunotherapy nanodelivery neuroimaging and computational neuroscience neuropharmacology new courses new programs nitric oxide numerical analysis numerical modelling numerical simulation obesity Object Interaction Recognition and Anticipation organic farming osteoarticular pathology partial differential equations pest pharmacology phytophthora pistachio Plant biology plant breeding Plant disease plant pathogens plant production plasmonic-based device polymers and plastics pomegranate population postharvest technologies power plant pragmatics preclinical Predictive Modeling proteasome psychiatry Radiation railway rationality recovery refugee religious resilience resistance resources restoration rett syndrome reuse rhetoric risk evaluation rural heritage rutaceous safe driving school scientific computing sea security Semantic web Senegal sequestring shelf life SIC Signal transduction inhibitors silicon photomultiplayer Single-Cell Data skin ulcer smart driving smart hydrogel snapshot social enterprises social inclusion social sciences SOD1G93A soil solar physics South America Space Weather staff Stratification student Sun sustainability Systems thunkin teaching telemedicine Telescopes tomato tourism training Transnational European support trial Tsunami Tuberculosis tumor tumor-immune microenvironment Tyrosine kinase receptors (TKR) and/or inhibitors ubiquitin universal immune system simulator VDAC1 Virtual Biosensor volatiles wastewater water Wearable Vision welfare xanthomonas citri