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The research Office of catania University is part of the European Researcher's Mobility Centres Network (EURAXESS), made of about 200 Centres which are located in all Member States of the European Union, but also in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Fyro Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey. These Centres provide information and assistance to researchers who wish to move for a period in one of these countries on all matters related to professional and daily life, including information on legal issues, social security, health and taxes, everyday life as well as family support.

The Italian EURAXESS Services Network, made of 17 Mobility Centres and Local Contact Points, is coordinated by the CRUI Foundation in the framework of ERAMIT Project (European Research Area Mobility in Italy) and it provides advice and assistance to researchers who wish to come to Italy through the Italian Researcher's Mobility Portal (Website).

The Italian euraxess services network includes the following Centres:

  • Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE) - Roma
  • Italian National Research Council (CNR), EU Liaison Office - Roma
  • Area Science Park - Trieste
  • Bruno Kessler Foundation - Trento
  • Edmund Mach Foundation - Trento
  • University of Bologna
  • University of Cagliari
  • University of Calabria
  • University of Camerino
  • University of Catania
  • University of Milano
  • University of Padova
  • University of Pisa
  • University of Siena
  • University of Torino
  • University of Verona
  • University of Udine
  • Bridgehead organisation for Italy: CRUI Foundation


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EURAXESS services network in Europe: Website
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