Incoming Visiting professor/researcher

Precautionary measures Covid-19 emergency from November 2nd 2020

In order to face the current health situation related to Covid-19, the University of Catania has temporarily suspended, until new determinations, all the incoming  mobilities (students, professors and staff) for the first semester a.y. 2020/2021, with the exception of the mobilities already started.

For info on covid-19 restrictions please look at the following instructions


Professors/researchers who have planned to spend in Catania a visiting period during the a.y. 2020/21, will be able to register their request using the University application web-system from September 15th 2020 only for mobility periods to be performed physically and virtually at UniCT starting from January 15th 2021. Therefore, the on-line acceptation procedure is temporarily suspended until September 15th 2020 and no visiting mobilities can be performed until January 15th 2021.

INCOMING PROFESSORS/RESEARCHERS | second semester a.y. 2019/20

Due to the epidemiological restrictions visiting professors/researchers already accepted for the second semester a.y. 2019/20, who have finished their mobility period at UniCT regularly or in a shorter period, those ones who want to suspend temporarily their staying in Catania or postpone it, have to send a formal request to the IDU of the hosting department in order to receive via email the "Visiting Certificate" for the teaching/research period spent in Catania, to obtain the authorization to suspend/postpone the physical mobility period at UniCT or eventually get the authorization to continue it in a virtual way from their home country. The physical or virtual mobility has to be performed by November 30th 2021.



In the framework of the University Programme for International Mobility, foreign professors/researchers can spend incoming mobility periods at the departments of the University of Catania (UniCT), for teaching (VISITING PROFESSOR) and/or research (VISITING RESEARCHER) purposes. The mobility period can have different duration according to the decision of each department.  Each hosting department will be in charge of managing incoming mobilities according to departmental calls established on the basis of their own priorities.

The mobilities should be performed following the procedure described below: 

  • the visiting professor/researcher will agree with a contact professor the period and the content of the activities to be developed at UniCT. The contact professor will trasmitt a formal request to the Director of the department and to the adminstrative International Didactic Unit (IDU)
  • the Director of the department will send an invitation letter to the visiting professor/researcher
  • the visiting professor/researcher will fill the form on-line attaching the invitation letter received by the hosting department 
  • the visiting professor/researcher will register his/her arrival at the IDU that will inform the Rector, the Education Division (ADI), the Research Division (ARI) and the Human Resources Division (AGAP) 
  • at the end of the mobility, the contact professor will provide the IDU with a final report in english that will be sent to the International Mobility Office (IMU) for the release of the "Visiting Certificate" signed by the Rector 

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