Erasmus and Internationalization Coordinators

Department Departmental Coordinator Email
Agriculture, Food and Environment Luisa Biondi
Chemical Sciences Li Destri Nicosia Giovanni Calogero
General Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialities Antonio Biondi
Civil Engineering and Architecture |  Architecture - Siracusa Alberto Campisano
Drug Sciences Milena Rizzo
Salvatore Guccione

Economics and Business Isidoro Mazza
Educational Sciences Paola Clara Leotta
Electric, Electronic and Computer Engineering  Mario Cacciato
Humanities Sciences Beate Baumann
Manuela D'Amore
Concetta Rizzo
Law Emilio Castorina
Mathematics and Computer Sciences Franco Barbanera
Clinical and Experimental Medicine Renata Rizzo
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences Anna Maria Pappalardo (BIO)
Patrizia Fiannacca (GEO) (BIO) (GEO)

Physics and Astronomy Elisabetta Paladino

Political and Social Sciences Daniela Fisichella
Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences Mariangela Chisari
Medical and Surgical Sciences and Advanced Tecnologies Massimiliano Veroux
Foreign Languages and Literatures - Ragusa Alessandra Schininà
School of Medicine Antonella Agodi
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