International Didactic Units (IDU)

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Agriculture, Food and Environment Daniela Verdi

Economics and Business Roberta Russo
Physics and Astronomy Sara De Francisci
Law Rosa Zanghì
Civil Engineering and Architecture Carmela Lombardo
Electric, Electronic and Computer Engineering  Pinella Borgia
Mathematics and Computer Sciences Michelina Cristina Mele
Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences Antonio Fagone
Cristina Ursino
Chemical Sciences Giuseppina Marino
Drug Sciences Annamaria Amendolia
Educational Sciences Tiziana Caruso
Political and Social Sciences Valentina Barbagallo
Humanities Sciences Matilde Vecchio
Lucia Ferlito
Architecture - Siracusa Rossella Spataro
Foreign Languages and Literatures - Ragusa Luana Distefano
Giovanna Criscione
School of Medicine and General Surgery and Medical Surgical Specialties
Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences
Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Medical and Surgical Sciences and Advanced Technologies

Giovanna Schillaci

Vincenzo Grasso
Daniela Iraci
Cinzia Biondi

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