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University Residences and Canteens (ERSU)

E.R.S.U. is the Sicilian regional institution in charge of university students residences, canteens and other facilities.

University Residences

Reception desk open 24/24 hours per day in all the residences.


University Residence Toscano Scuderi
20 places (18 double room - 2 single room) for foreign Erasmus university students at the residence Toscano Scuderi sited in Via Etnea 440  – I 95128 - Catania. Phone: 0039 095436481.
Price: EUR 180,00 for a single room per month / EUR 120,00 for a double room per month

University Residence in Ragusa - Casa Castilet
1 places  for foreign Erasmus university student at the residence Casa Castilet sited in C.so Mazzini 260/Via Ugolino, Ragusa. Phone: 0039 0932 623208
Price: EUR 120,00 for a double room per month

University Residence in Siracusa - La Giudecca
2 places  for foreign Erasmus university students at the residence La Giudecca sited in via Della Giudecca – vicolo IV, Siracusa. Phone: 0039 0931 24372
Price: EUR 120,00 for a double room per month

At the arrival in Catania, the student has to pay a deposit of EUR 150,00 to E.R.S.U. that will be given back at the departure provided that no damages have been made to the room fornitures. 

Facilities: Laundromat, Conditioned air, Study room, Free WiFi.

Mr. Salvatore Cantarella - Coordinator Manager E.R.S.U. Catania; phone: 0039 0957517916
Mr. Giovanni Spampinato - Manager E.R.S.U Catania; Phone 0039 0957517954
Mrs. Maria Grazia Ranno - Administrative staff - room booking; E-mail: erasmus@ersucatania.it / phone: 0039 0957517937

For information and booking, the students have to contact by e-mail E.R.S.U. staff and NOT the International Relations Unit. They can contact the E.R.S.U. staff to start the arrangements for booking soon after the online application and usually they will be put on a waiting list on the principle "first come, first served", but they will have the confirmation of the room only after the acceptance issued by the International Mobility Office after the deadline for applications. 
When the students get to the booked residence, they must provide a medical certificate issued by their doctor or by a medical structure in home country, which certify their suitability to comunity life and the absence of infective diseases. The certificate must be issued in English or French.

University Canteens

University Canteen prices:

Euro 3,50 per meal for Erasmus students

Euro 6,50 per meal for non Erasmus students/guests


The students have to install the APP EASY CAMPUS (Google Play, iTunes ) on their devices to start the registration process and then they have to reach the E.R.S.U. Catering Services Office sited in Catania, Via Etnea n. 570 - groundfloor (opening hours  Wednesday 15.30 - 18.00) with the smartphone set up at Italian time and the installed APP, the ID/Passport and the copy of acceptance letter/registration card from the University of Catania certifying their mobility period. They will be enabled to put money on their virtual "canteen card" through the APP supported by the office staff or with their credit card.

Then students can book their meals and at the canteen, they use the APP by passing the  smartphone at the TOTEM, getting the confirmation of their booked meal on the TOTEM display, convalidating it with a click and printing the receipt to be showed at the counter to finally get their meal. The students can also query through the APP all the details about their eaten meals and their current remaining credit.

Catania Campus
University Restaurant "Vittorio Emanuele" - Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 36-38-40, Catania - open from Monday to Friday 12.15-14.45
"Oberdan" Canteen - Via Verona n. 25, Catania - open from Monday to Sunday 12.15-14.45 and 19.00-21.30
“Cittadella” Canteen - Via Santa Sofia n. 6, Catania - open from Monday to Saturday 12.15-14.45 and 19.00-21.30

Ragusa Campus
"Al Giardino", Via Giardini n. 16
"U saracinu", Via del Convento n. 9

Siracusa Campus
Ristorante Via del Crocifisso n. 48

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