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Erasmus+ Traineeships Program

Check the Guidelines for Traineeship Incoming Mobility and Apply on line!

These Guidelines are addressed to university students of all levels (Ph.D. candidates included), selected for a traineeship mobility period under the EU Erasmus+ at University of Catania. 
Students are enabled to spend their traineeship period in university offices, research structures and/or in companies/organizations associated with the University of Catania through previous specific agreements, under joint supervision.
Selected students receive an Erasmus+ grant from their own institution and the traineeship period can be fully recognized in their academic career.


The traineeship mobility can be performed from a minimum of 2 months (60 days) to a maximum of 12 months (360 days) per academic year with no interruptions.


The University of Catania accepts Erasmus+ Incoming Trainees Students (1st, 2nd, 3rd cycle) both within Inter-institutional Erasmus+ Traineeship Agreements already signed between the sending institution and UniCt, and within Ad personam Erasmus+ Traineeship Agreements

Erasmus+ Traineeships | A Database promoting Offers for Incoming Traineeships

Traineeships Mobility Database

Erasmus+ Students interested in a traineeship mobility experience at the University of Catania can search and find the open positions available in each Department/Office through a mobility database aimed at promoting the calls for trainees and facilitating their incoming traineeship procedures.

Apply on line! The Traineeships Mobility Database is accessible online here

Your Traineeship Mobility Procedure | Step by Step

When to apply | University of Catania Erasmus+ Traineeship Offers

Academic Schedule at UniCt

The Academic Year at University of Catania consists of two different semesters:

1st Semester: 1st October to 28th February
2nd Semester: 1st March to 30th September

Open Positions and Deadlines for Applications
Every year traineeship positions are available for prospective trainees who want to apply to UniCt Erasmus+ Traineeship Program.

1st Semester and One-Year Traineeship Mobilities (starting from 1st October to 28th February or from 1st October to 30th September): applications usually open from the beginning of May to the end of June of the academic year preceding the scheduled mobility.   
2nd Semester (starting from 1st March to 30th  September): applications usually open from October to February of the same academic year of the scheduled mobility.

Summer Traineeship Mobilities (starting from 1st June to 30th September): applications usually open from October to May of the same academic year of the scheduled mobility.

Please check the Summer Traineeship Offer here. If you need more info, please contact your area of interest reference person (the contacts list is on the right side of this webpage).

How to apply | Mobility Procedures

Application process

If interested in doing a traineeship mobility at the University of Catania, please search for available traineeship offers according to your field of study/areas of research and apply online.

If you need more info, please contact your area of interest reference person (please check the contacts list on the right side of this webpage).

The online application is processed and, if selected by the hosting Department, you will receive a pre-acceptance letter in a couple of weeks.

After being pre-accepted, if you applied for a traineeship position not reserved for partner universities, please send to the Hosting Department in Catania the Ad personam Erasmus+ Traineeship Agreement * already signed; the document will be processed to the International Mobility Office of the UniCt (IMO) in order to get the legal representative's signature (form available on the right side of this webpage).

The Hosting Department will send you and your university the countersigned Ad personam Erasmus Traineeship Agreement as acceptance confirmation.

The Learning Agreement for Traineeship**  will then be arranged and signed at least 15 days before the foreseen mobility by the Hosting Department in Catania (IDU).

* The Ad personam Erasmus+ Traineeship Agreement  is the document signed at institutional level, between the University of Catania legal representative, the sending university legal representative and the student trainee.

** The Learning Agreement for Traineeship is the document signed at departmental level ruling each single aspect of your traineeship mobility.

Arrival procedures | Checking-in

As soon as you arrive in Catania as Erasmus+ Trainee, you are requested to:

  • Check-in at the UniCt International Mobility Office (IMO) on receiving hours, producing your mobility documents (a copy of your pre-acceptance letter/agreement and two passport-size photos). You will receive the Student Card and all useful information about your stay in Catania.
  • Visit the International Didactic Unit (IDU) of your hosting Department to check your Learning Agreement for Traineeship. You’ll receive additional documents eventually required by the department and be ready for starting your traineeship mobility. The IDU will communicate your arrival to the Insurance Office, to the 

If your arrival occurs at the same time with the Welcome Days, you will be admitted to participate to the welcoming activities.

Departure procedures | Checking-out

At the end of your traineeship mobility, please visit your Hosting Department International Didactic Unit (IDU) and produce the following documents:

  • Your Student Card
  • Your Learning Agreement for Traineeship
  • Your Supervisor's Traineeships Report including dates, working hours, a brief description of activities carried out.

The IDU, once checked all documents, will provide you the Erasmus+ Recognition Outcomes certificate in a closed envelope. 

On planning your departure trip, please take into consideration IDU public opening days and hours and be aware that trainees are requested to come personally during receiving hours and are not allowed to delegate other people. Trainees will be responsible for their dossier envelope to be delivered to the International Relation Office of their home university. 

Insurance, Medical assistance, Prevention & safety

Accommodation, Student Services and Facilities

The University of Catania will provide an insurance policy for all incoming trainees limited to participation at didactic/formative activities, excluding sport activities. The trainee will also be duly informed by the hosting department referent about national prevention and safety regulations (the IDU will communicate the arrival to the Insurance Office and to the IT Division to get an account for free wifi within the university structures ).

Erasmus Students can benefit from medical assistance only if they have the European Sanitary Card (or a private health policy for non EU students).

The University of Catania verifies as well every year available accommodation and catering services. For updated and detailed information on housing, services and facilities, please click here

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