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Coronavirus measures at Unict

From the 1st of September 2021 incoming students, teaching and admin staff are required to show COVID-19 “Green Pass” to access public venues such as the University’s buildings, in accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree 111, issued on the 6th of August, 2021.

We hereby inform incoming students, teaching staff and admin staff that from August 6th, 2021, a Digital Green Certificate so-called “Green Pass” will be compulsory to access some other venues and to take part in social activities such as indoor restaurants, bars, museums, exhibition and sporting venues, cultural sites, events, swimming pools, cinemas, gyms, concerts, fairs, conferences, amusement parks and the like. 

Certificates issued by the health authorities of the United States, United Kingdom including Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands and the island of Cyprus, San Marino fall under the same rules of the European Union used to get the “Green Pass” so as to make the University a safe place for everyone along with the above-mentioned venues.

We strongly encourage all those who have not been vaccinated to do so in any of the vaccination hubs available in Catania.

The European Commission and the Italian government are looking to find a reasonable solution as far as those who do not possess the European Green Pass. Until then, they will not be allowed to access the University.

Students will be attending their first term classes online, based on the University of Catania policy to deliver first term lectures through a synchronous teaching ranging from face-to-face to online learning.

These guidelines are addressed to university students of all levels (Ph.D. students included), selected under the Erasmus+ Programme for a mobility period in thematic areas indicated in inter-institutional agreements signed between University of Catania and a partner institution. Erasmus students will not pay any inscription or fees and can performe their mobility from October to July of every academic year (in August and September there is no provision of didactic activities). 

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The University of Catania organizes two obligatory orientation activities (Registration Day) considered as integrated part of the mobility period (please see the updated information on the right box pf this page). Mobility period officially starts from the first day of Registration Day. Specific and updated information on courses calendar and exams sessions are available on the departments websites (please see the contacts on the right box of this page). 

For more details, please consult the following pages:

Application procedures A. Y. 2020/2021

After the global atmosphere of uncertainty created by the COVID-19 outbreak, the University of Catania has decided to start  from June 28, 2021 its acceptation and nomination procedures 2020/2021 for foreign students for study purpose only, putting in place appropriate and supportive measures in constant consultation with Government at all key stages. 
Hoping that the next exchange semester will be held under normal conditions, the University of Catania will study possible solutions in order to allow incoming students to attend our courses in presence or in virtual modalities. The rescheduling will not compromise the spots available for foreign students. 
The deadline for Erasmus incoming students for the first semester and the full academic year to the following period: from June 28, 2021 to August 6, 2021. For the  second semester, the application procedures will be available online from 4 October to November 19, 2021
The link of the application form will be available starting from from June 28, 2021. After application, students' data will be automatically transferred to the Erasmus incoming students database of the University of Catania. After having checked the coherence of their data with the agreements stipulated with the sending institution, IMO will send students, by e-mail, acceptance notification. The University of Catania will not register at the Registration Day students who haven’t filled in the on-line application form and obtained the acceptance notification.
A basic Italian language knowledge is required (A2 level of Italian language as for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) as, even if some courses are held in English (generally post graduates courses), the majority are in Italian. The University of Catania doesn't require a proof of Italian language knowledge, but it is in charge of the sending institution to verify that their candidates have the level of Italian language knowledge required. No language certification has to be produced by the students to the IMO of the University of Catania.

For apply, please click here

Arrival procedures

Registration procedures will start at Registration Day. Students must come with their acceptance form, Learning Agreement and two passport-size photo. They will be provided with a university card they have to keep during all their mobility in Catania and show at exams. Welcome Day date will be indicated as arrival date on Recognition Outcomes certificate, which is made of attendance certification and transcript of records. The University of Catania organizes two Registration Day, one for each semester, whose dates are indicated on this website. Registration Day attendance is obligatory.
After the registration, students will have to meet the IDU in order to get necessary information on mobility didactic aspects and eventually help in changing their learning agreements.

The University of Catania will not accept students arriving after Registration Day, with the exception for those who, for very relevant reasons (documented by their International Relations Offices) cannot take part and therefore receive formal authorization by IMO.

Mobility instructions

The University of Catania is particularly respectful towards Erasmus Handbook mobility rules, which is a consistent part of the Erasmus contract. As provided by the handbook, Erasmus mobility in a partner institution must be full-time and uninterrupted.
In case of interruption of mobility period for very important reasons within the minimum 3 month mobility period, it is possible to start again mobility only if:

  • new mobility period is of the same type of the interrupted one;
  • a new contract Institution/student is stipulated;
  • a new learning agreement is signed.

In case of interruption after 3 months it will not be possible to start again with Erasmus mobility.
Host University holidays are not considered as mobility period interruption.
A minimum 60% rate of classes attendance is required, in order to be admitted to exams. Upon their arrival, students will be provided by the IDU with specific information on classes attendance registrations and exams.

Departure procedures

At the end of their mobility, students must visit IDU with the following documents in original:

  • student card;
  • learning agreement;
  • evaluation certificates (proving passed and not passed exams);
  • lessons attendance.

The IDU, once checked all documents, will issue a Recognition Outcomes certificate and will send it to the student in order to complete the procedures and to the IMO in order to close the dossier of the student. On planning their departure trip, students must take into consideration IDU opening days and hours.


Learning Agreements
Only after receiving the acceptance form, students can fill in their Learning Agreements, indicating the courses they want to attend and related ECTS credits and send them to IDU who will proceed with their approval. The maximum ECTS credits for the entire academic year is 60, for one semester is 30 and for a term is 15. The minimum ECTS credits to be accepted in Catania is 9. A learning agreement must include at least 70% of courses given within the destination Department and maximum 30% of courses given in other Departments, if previously agreed among Departments.
The University of Catania will not accept students who haven’t regularly transmitted their Learning Agreement before their arrival.

For information on courses to choose it will be necessary to get in touch with their Erasmus departmental coordinator and IDU. 

Within Erasmus Study mobility period it is possible to undergo a traineeship activity but only if it is regularly included in the Learning Agreement and if it is preceded by, at least, three months of didactics activities. Traineeship activity must be done in a company linked, for that purpose, with the University of Catania and must be tutored by a Professor belonging to the student’s Study Course in Catania, who will be in charge of the relationships between the University of Catania and the company. At the end of the placement, the company will send an activities report to the tutor who will prepare a certificate stating placement activities and period. This certificate will be included in the Recognition Outcomes certificate. Students will have two months time, starting from registration date, to change their Learning Agreements (traineeship at the University of Catania are temporarily suspended untill new deytermination og governing bodies). 

Students accepted for one semester can make only one change. Students accepted for the entire academic year, instead, can change their Learning Agreement twice, one for each semester, and the second change must be done within March.

Evaluation Certificate
All students admitted to courses must use the Evaluation Certificate for their exams. Each time they take an exam they have to give this document to the professor who will fill it in entirely (it must be filled in even if the exam has been failed). After the exam, students must get the original document, keep it and give it to the IDU, at the end of their mobility, for Recognition Outcomes certificate issuing.

Request of Virtual Mobility
In order to obtain the authorization to attend online lectures and participate to the exam sessions during  the second semester 2020/21, Erasmus incoming students have to modify the status of their exchange in virtual mobility. This procedure is reserved to students who have regularly submitted their application form in time and have obtained the acceptance letter by UniCT.
Therefore students already accepted to spend a mobility period at UniCT (from  their  own nation) should:

  • ask their home institution for a pre-authorization of the virtual mobility;
  • send the pre-authorization to the hosting department IDU, that will proceed with the acceptance of the change of status and will communicate it to IMO.

Please be aware that the new mobility will be appear in the RO as virtual mobility.
The deadline for submitting your application for virtual mobility (ERASMUS ONLINE ATTENDACE REQUEST) is February 15, 2021.
The lessons will start from March 1, 2021.

Erasmus online attendance request (Download)

Mobility extension request

In order to obtain Erasmus mobility extension it is necessary to:

  • ask home institution for authorization;
  • ask home institution to transmit their authorization to the IDU, who will proceed with its acceptance and communication to IMO.

Only if their request has been accepted, students can extend their mobility period.

Insurance and medical assistance

The University of Catania will take out an insurance policy limited to participation at didactic/formative activities, excluding sport activities, for all incoming students.
Erasmus Students can benefit from medical assistance only if they have the European Sanitary Card (or a private health policy for non EU students).

Housing & Students Services and Facilities 

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