University of Catania
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The City of Science
Via Simeto 23 - 95131 Catania

Set inside an old refinery, the City of Science gives the opportunity to carry out a variety of activities based on the observation of the sun and some other minor experiments. If you go visit it, you will find a small planetarium, robots and various scientific instruments.

Botanic Garden
Via Etnea 397 - 95125 Catania

It dates back to 1858 and covers an area of approximately 16,000 sq metres. Its magnificent plant collection, including species of succulents and all sorts of peculiar vegetation, palms and spontaneous Sicilian plants are well worth a visit. In a sense, it is like a research lab for the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences. Open to the public and visitors.

Museum of Archaeology
Via Biblioteca - 95124 Catania

Palazzo Ingrassia is a nineteenth-century building displaying a vast collection of the eighteenth-century exhibits at its heart, a variety of archaeological finds, common objects of everyday use, antique vases and small-sized statues from the prehistoric era to a late ancient period. A peculiar section of fakes is being hosted too.

Lorenzo Bianchi Museum of Human Biology and Anatomy
Via Santa Sofia 89 - 95123 Catania

Inside the so-called Bio Tower is our biology and anatomy museum housing a collection of biomedical and biotechnological artefacts.

The Museum of Hyblean Karst
Grotta Monello (Siracusa)

Inside Grotta Monello in Syracuse is this small-sized museum. Let us refer to it as our little geology showroom, displaying how Hyblean karstification occurred and what kind of consequences it came along with. A collection of rocks, ores and minerals from the Hyblean area is shown through a series of multimedia panels along with typical elements of Hyblean karstification, the landscape, the flora and fauna of Monello reserve, the Palombara cave and the speleological complex of Villasmundo-Sant'Alfio.

Benedictine Monastery - Museo della Fabbrica
Piazza Dante 32 - 95124 Catania

The Benedictine Monastery's Museo della Fabbrica was created in 2000 in what used to be the kitchen and the “belly” of the Monastery. The aim of the project was to develop educational and research activities

Museum of Mineralogy, Petrography and Volcanology
Corso Italia 57 - 95129 Catania

Collections at the Museum of Mineralogy, Petrography and Volcanology are exhibited on the 1st floor of the building housing a whole Earth Science section provided by the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences.

Museum of Palaeontology
Corso Italia 57 - 95129 Catania

A vast collection is exhibited on the 1st floor of the building housing a whole Earth sciences section provided by the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences.

The Museum of Representation
Via Etnea 742 - 95128 Catania

Works in progress at Villa Zingali Tetto, the designated place for art representation. A mix of interesting archive projects including those by the architect Francesco Fichera from Catania and the engravings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi are managed and overseen by the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Museum of Sicilian Marvels and Knowledge
Piazza Università 2 - 95131 Catania

A community-based project that was conceived and designed for enhancing, livening up and extending cultural heritage and assets to a much wider community, including the scientific side of it. On display, you will find centuries-old research, teaching, spread of knowledge, scientific information and major activities carried out at Unict.

Lachea Island University Museum
Isola lachea (Acitrezza, Catania)

On the upper side of the island is the educational and naturalistic museum of Lachea Island housing a large collection of marine and terrestrial fauna. There, avifauna is also on display along with herbarium specimens and collections of geological and mineralogical formations. Archaeological exhibits of the area can be looked at as well

Zoology Museum and the Butterfly House
Via Androne 81 - 95124 Catania

The University Museum of Zoology is home to several specimens of fauna skilfully described and classified by species and origin. It can be visited inside a beautiful Art Nouveau building that belongs to the Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences. The Butterfly House is in there too