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The Museum of Hyblean Karst

Centro visite del Museo
Grotta Monello (Siracusa)

Scientific Coordinator: prof. Rosolino Cirrincione

The Museum of the Hyblean Karst stems from the need to have a permanent exhibition hall where significant elements of the Hyblean area could be displayed. It is here that geology and society are totally at one with their environment and their territorial identity.

The museum is set in zone B in the city of Syracuse, in the integral nature reserve of Grotta Monello, under the management and supervision of Cutgana, (one of UNICT’s research bodies). Hence, the necessity to highlight this fascinating spot across the four corners of the island exposing the geo-cultural features about karst phenomenon and how mankind did progressively adapt to it.

The exhibition’s arrangement embraces three different areas. The first of all is the karst phenomenon per se and the significance of its geological formations including the type of ores and rocks generated because of it. Sets of panels form part of the museum’s arrangement and expose the physico-chemical properties of karstification. Geological specimens from the karst process are kept inside showcases displaying aggregates of ores and their different ways of formation. The second area displays three nature reserves, each one bearing different karst phenomena at different stages of development. Then the exhibition ends with a series of educational workshop proposals to be submitted by schools of all kinds and nature. The experience is felt across different levels of activities to ease the understanding of the karst process along with its physico-chemical properties, including the adaptation of life to this type of environment.

Information and Admission

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