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Services and Facilities

Accommodation and Meals

The University of Catania offers to the Erasmus students the possibility to book a room in university residences and also through safe housing platforms or students associations housing support programs. Moreover, the incoming students have the possibility to use the university catering services. Please consult the link above to get detailed information.

IT Services

Erasmus incoming students will benefit from free WiFi account within the University of Catania structures and will have access to the students didactic platform (Studium Platform) and to laboratories. 

Prevention and Risk Protection

According to Italian national regulations, the University of Catania provide information and/or training sessions on prevention and risk protection to all the Erasmus incoming students during the Welcome Days organized at central level or during specific sessions organized at department level (with the involvment of professors referents for safety and prevention ). Please have a look at the link above for more information and details. 

School of Italian Language and Culture

The School of Italian Language and Culture is a Special Teaching Structure of the University of Catania founded in 2016, on a proposal of the Department of Humanities, to promote the historical and advanced knowledge of Italian Language and Culture for foreign students and workers. The courses are free of charges for Erasmus incoming students.

Disability Advisory Centre

The University of Catania welcomes students with disability and specific learning difficulties (SpLDs). From 1999 it is committed to improve the access of both undergraduate and postgraduate students to their courses, facilities, buildings and social integration.

Languages Centre

The Languages Centre (CLA) was founded in 1995 by the University of Catania for the promotion of foreign languages and is supported by the use of multimedia instruments.

Non-EU Students Support Service (Cultural Mediator)

The Cultural Mediation Service of the University of Catania offers to Non-EU students support for the completion of the necessary bureaucratic practices before and during their stay in Catania. ​Moreover, cultural mediation is an useful and necessary function to facilitate the integration process of foreign students. It is to be considered as a "bridge" between local institutions and students, thus fostering reciprocal knowledge of cultures, values, traditions, laws and social systems, in a perspective of interchange and mutual enrichment. Please click on the link above to find out  specific information.

European Documentation Centre

The European Documentation Centre Network (ECDs) was set up by the European Commission in 1963 with the purpose to identify the needs of researchers, students and citizens. Therefore, EDCs are contractually entitled to receive, free of charge, most publications of the European Communities institutions. There are now more than 600,00 such centres, mainly located in universities. 

University Sport Centre (CUS)

CUS is a national association which has been operating for the last sixty years. Its main aim is to sustain the practising, promotion and subsequent growth of physical education and university sports activity, by organizing sporting events at local, national and international level.

Students associations supporting E+ & International programs

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