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Non-UE Students Support Service (Cultural Mediator)

The Cultural Linguistic Mediation Service provides support to Non-EU students, researchers and doctoral students to complete all necessary procedures required to stay in Italy. In particular, the service aims to provides assistance for:

  • Assisted compilation of the form to obtain the Fiscal Code
  • Application for a  residence permit
  • Subscription to  National Health Service or private Insurance
  • Opening of a Bank Account
  • Public transport pass

Where possible, the requested application forms are given.

  • Students are guided to the competent offices, where necessary.
  • Mediation with the Immigration Office of Catania, in order to facilitate the application for a residence permit.
  • Student Accommodation and Housing search
  • Useful information  (recreational/cultural and sports activities; language Italian courses, ecc.)
  • Visa application for students included in mobility programs

The role of cultural mediation is useful and necessary in facilitating the integration process of foreign students.  The service is considered like a “bridge” between the two parts, local institutions and students, favoring the exchange of cultures, values, traditions, rights and social systems in a perspective of mutual understanding and cultural enrichment.


Mediatore Culturale
Maria Sanfilippo
Via Fragalà, 10
95131 - Catania
Tel: (+39) 095 7307429

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