Civil Engineering and Architecture

The Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Dicar) was founded in 2013, through the merging of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Dica) and the Department of Architecture (Darc). The Department included all the civil engineering and architecture scientific areas at Catania University.
In 2016, after the closure of the Department of Industrial Engineering, 19 professors of the industrial area moved into the Dicar, which now represents an interdisciplinary research and high education organization, active in different areas of study, researches and projects including civil engineering, architecture, industrial engineering and information technology.

Education and research

The Faculty comprises 104 professors (30 full-professors, 49 associate professors, 25 formal researches); 24 junior researches. The staff comprises 27 technical-administrative units.

The faculty shares many interests related to civil and environmental engineering, restoration of the existing architectural heritage, new building planning, design and construction, chemical engineering and management aspects of the engineering activities as well as mechanical engineering.

All the faculty members teach mostly at the 8 study courses currently activated:

Bachelor Degree (3 years):

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Master Degree (5 years):

  • Building Construction Engineering
  • Architecture (in Siracusa)

Master Degree (2 years):

  • Water and Transportation Civil Engineering
  • Structural and Geotechnical Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering for Industrial Sustainability
  • Management Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

One of the main goal for the Dicar is to promote and encourage the integration between research and high education activities, through specific Ph.D. courses, post-doc courses, collaboration with strategic research projects (Italy, Europe, Mediterranean area, East Europe, middle East, Usa), and international cooperation.

The Department collaborates with several Italian, European and extra European administrations, public and/or private company/institutions, for cooperation in applied researches, scientific analysis, feasibility studies, technical-scientific assistance, consulting, with specific reference to the scientific areas of Dicar.


Città Universitaria | Viale Andrea Doria, 6 | I-95125, Catania

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