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Accommodation and meals

Accommodation and meals, as well as some other facilities (subsidies and grants) are provided by "Ersu" (Ente regionale per il diritto allo studio universitario). It works in a similar way to a Student’s Union.

It grants two different types of interventions and services: services and facilities to all students (information, refectories, meetings, cineforums and multimedial services, cultural, touristic and cinema services) and services and facilities to students endowed with particular merits and qualifications (scholarships, accomodation, economic aids for international mobility, computer courses, foreign languages courses, Italian language courses for foreign students).

Scholarships and Accomodation. Ersu confers scholarships on Italian students endowed with special merits and economic qualifications and 930 beds in the University Halls of Residence. It also reserves 60 beds, in the Hall of Residence “Caracciolo” for Erasmus, Socrates and Tempus students and in particular cases, students with handicaps or students studying at the Centre for Physical Education Training. Reservations must be done directly by e-mail addressed to the administrative office placed in the residence: The students' accomodation is opened all year round with the exception of holiday periods.

Economic Aids for International Mobility. Ersu offers subsidies to Italian students taking part in international mobility programmes, according to European Union interventions and non-communitary programmes.

Cultural activities: theatre, cinema and musical subscriptions; activities and meetings; computer courses; national and international concerts; cultural exchanges; theatrical laboratory; musical laboratory; activity of support to didactics; driven excursions and visits; summer festival; classic music with younger international orchestral; Etna students summer happening.

Via Etnea 570
I-95128 Catania
Phone: (+39) 095 75179 10/38


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