Today in Italian universities the Departments have been assigned new and challenging responsibilities, in addition to the traditional tasks concerning scientific research and cultural advancement. They are now in charge of planning and development of didactic functions, previously attributed to the faculties.

The Department of Humanities at the University of Catania, whose acronym is DISUM, has been established from a wide convergence of scholars from different areas such as  Classics, Philology, History, Art, Philosophy, Education and Psychology.

The Department is committed to working in full harmony with the most recent cultures of modernity, while maintaining a constant relationship with history. The Department aims to foster a fair and productive dialogue between the different languages and methods of Humanism, as well as with scientific and technological cultures. The Department aims to be a research platform capable of interacting with the demands of a more lawful  and democratic  society of knowledge.

Didactics and research activities

The need to build a larger Department as a common space for teaching and research activities has been determined by the overall reorganization process of the University of Catania, which started in the middle of 2010. The Department has today 160 faculty members and supports different activities of scientific research and cultural development by means of conferences, lectures, workshops and various events.

The Department is located in the former Monastery of the Benedictines (main entrance: Piazza Dante, 32;  secondary entrance: Via Biblioteca) and in the west wing of Ingrassia Palace (Via Biblioteca). The Department also uses some rooms in Sangiuliano Palace (Piazza Università).


Benedictine Monastery | Piazza Dante, 32 | I-95124 Catania

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