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Studenti nel cortile del Palazzo Centrale

+++ Coronavirus Emergency +++

The University of Catania has adopted precautionary measures in order to face the current health situation related to Covid-19 in accordance with the Italian Ministry policies and the instructions received by the Governance of UniCT.  For this reason, the incoming Erasmus+ molbilities in all departments/ offices/centers has temporarily suspended, until new determinations by the governing bodies.

Students, professors and staff  already selected for the academic year 2019-2020 who have finished or want to suspend/postpone/cancel their staying in Catania, have to send a formal request to the International Mobility Office ( and to the IDU of the hosting department  in order to receive via email the Attendance and Recognition Certificate (RO) for the full period in Catania or  to get the authorization to modify their mobiliy at UniCT. The International Mobility Office will provide more info on university administrative procedures to be used. Department coordinators will provide instructions on distance activities or other alternatives measures that can be taken into consideration for the final recognition outcomes.

Students, professors and staff who have finished their mobility period at UniCT or those ones who want to suspend their staying in Catania have to send a formal request to the International Mobility Office ( and to the IDU of their department in order to receive via email the Attendance and Recognition Certificate (RO) for the full period of mobility in Catania.

Covid-19 Emergency procedures for E+ incoming students [download pdf]
Covid-19 Emergency procedures for E+ incoming professors and staff  [download pdf]

Departmental contacts

Incoming students, professors and staff | Academic Year 2020/21

Erasmus students, professors and staff who have planned to arrive in Catania in the next academic year, have to respect the following indication

Incoming Students

E+ students incoming nominations for winter semester and for whole academic year will be possible starting from May the 5th 2020 until June the 30th 2020. Nomination, by the sending institution, can be addressed to

Incoming Professors and Staff

Professors/staff will be able to register their application using the University web-system from September the 1st only for mobility periods to be performed physically at UniCT starting from the 15th of January 2021. Therefore, the on- line application procedure is temporarily suspended until September the 1st 2020 and no visiting mobilities can be performed in 2020, if new determination will not be assumed by UniCT.  New applications for the a. y. 2020/21, can be sent using the administrative procedures available at the following links: (for professors) and (for staff).

Front Office International Mobility Office (UMI)

The International Mobility front-office is suspended. The staff can be contacted via email or by phone.

Cinzia Tutino
Phone: +39 095/7307011

Giovanna Schillaci
Phone: +39 095/730766

Erasmus+ incoming professors and staff

Maria Luisa Leotta
Phone: +39 095/7307017

Erasmus+ KA107

Giovanna Schillaci
Tel: +39 095/730766

More details on departments organization will be provided by the Erasmus and International Coordinators.

Departmental contact

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