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EUNICE, the European University for Customised Education, is a transnational alliance of public universities founded in 2020 and currently present in ten countries (EUNICE4U, Nov 2023-Oct 2027): Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Together we have a clear focus: to transform students’ and teachers’ experience.

  • By enabling customised learning paths at a European scale;
  • Developing good practices for knowledge sharing among staff, interdisciplinary research and educational approaches capable of tackling the global issues of our time;
  • Ensuring that research and innovation address the socio-economic challenges that our regional ecosystems face.

Our mission

Training a new generation of Europeans. We need to move from a classical model of higher education where students are passive recipients of expert knowledge to an approach focused on:

  • flexibility in the educational offer, enabling learners to access high quality lifelong knowledge;
  • meeting the specific and constantly evolving needs of today’s working world;
  • empowering diverse learners to realise their full potential.

This new model requires a deep shift away from the one-size fits all ethos of the industrial revolution, to instead provide tailored-made solutions that respond to the specific needs of each individual, recognizing their diverse and intersecting identities (gender, ethnicity, etc.) and unique personal interests, challenges and aspirations. Insights into individual learning processes and behavioural economics, allied with technological advances, make it possible to begin shifting our educational models towards customised student-centred learning for all.

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The role of Unict

Within Eunice, Unict leads the Research-driven bridges among University, Business & Society “work package”, whose main tasks are:

  • 4.1. E-RC: EUNICE student Research Clubs
  • 4.2. E-Elab:  EUNICE Entrepreneurship Lab
  • 4.3. JOL: EUNICE Joint Open Lab - phase II
  • 4.4. EUNICE Research Summer School
  • 4.5. EUNICE Incubator Program
  • 4.6. EUNICE IP portfolio and technology offers map
  • 4.7. EUNICE Research Radar
  • 4.8. EIR: EUNICE Portal for international Internships and Research stays

In particular, the Portal for International interships and Research stays (EIR) is aimed at providing the students of all Eunice universities from the different degree study programmes (bachelor, master, doctoral) with opportunities of cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary international traineeships, encouraging mobility and multilingual work experience (at present, over 200 companies have joined the portal).

Opportunities are also open to high school as well as to just graduated students, in order to facilitate cooperation and develop projects between educational institutions, business partners and societal stakeholders, under the strategic view of the European Universities initiative, namely transnational alliances of higher education institutions, paving the way towards the universities of the future. The EIR portal also offers opportunities for research networking and international research stays and theses (+ 150 offers, including advertising of open call for scholarships, e.g., for Ph.D., postdocs).

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Students Management in EUNICE

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