General Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialties

The Department of General Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialties at the University of Catania in Italy is an outstanding academic surgical institution providing advanced and comprehensive educational experiences, innovative research and highest quality for patient care.

The Department is dedicated and committed to providing the best and most innovative surgical care.

Several divisions are leaders in modern clinical care and are nationally recognized for excellence in patient care, education and clinical and basic science research, with programs in gastrointestinal surgery, surgical oncology, minimally invasive surgery, breast surgery, endocrine surgery, hepato-biliary surgery, orthopedic surgery, odontoiatry, gynecology and obstetric, thoracic surgery, internal medicine among many others. Each year, our teams perform thousands of surgical procedures. And our surgeons are internationally recognized as experts.

Didactics and research activities

Academic mission with teaching future doctors and surgeons in one of the main goals of the department. With approximately 50 faculty members and 4 staff members, faculty staff is involved in teaching programs including medical schools, training residency programs, short training course. About 2000 students including under graduates medical students and residents in postgraduate courses are in rotation in the several divisions of the department. Teaching is conducted through lectures, seminars and practice in hospitals rounds. Medical students are encouraged to participate as active members of the surgical teams under the supervision of surgical faculty.

The Department place a major emphasis on science. A number of basic and clinical research studies are conducted in collaboration with other departments of the School of Medicine, and trainees of the department teaching programs are encouraged to take time off to participate in experimental project.


Ospedale "Vittorio Emanuele" | Via Plebiscito, 628 | I-95124 Catania

Ernesto Rapisarda

Erasmus and Internationalization Delegate
Antonio Biondi

Administrative contact for didactics
Giovanna Schillaci

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