General Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialties

The Department of General Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialties has as its main purpose and mission the planning and implementation of a high quality scientific research, as well as the organization of study courses and educational activities with particular interest in health activities.

In the Department there are more than 80 professors of medical area. The professors of the Department are qualified specialists in various medical fields and in most cases they perform medical activities at the University Hospital "Policlinico - Vittorio Emanuele" in Catania, as well as in other qualified hospitals of the metropolitan area.

Didactics and research activities

An oustanding Medical School and well-known Dental School insist in the Department. Among other study courses, Obstetrics-Gynecology School and Technics in Cardiovascular Physiopatoly and Perfusion School are represented in the Department. In the Department there are also 14 training Schools in several specialties of the Medical Area, where about 400 doctors in Medicine follow qualified practical courses. 

The Department is involved in the research field with several research centers, i.e. the Multidisciplinary Research Center in mini-invasive Techniques and Surgery, the Multidisciplinary Research Center for Rare Disease Diagnosis and Therapy and the Multidisciplinary Research Center for the Bio-technological and Mechanical Study of prosthetic materials used in the treatment of parietal defects.

Courses after the Medical School and the training courses in Specialization are among the main activities of the Department. Master, reasearch programs and many other post-doctoral courses are organized every year.

From the beginning, the Department has also been involved in the so-called "third mission" with direct interaction with societies and subjects finalized to the improvement of medical and research knowledge.


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