Incoming visiting Ph.D. Students

The following guidelines are addressed to UE and non-UE Ph.D Students who intend to carry out a mobility exchange period (from 3 months up to an academic year - 12 months) at the University of Catania. Such mobility can be done in every moment of the academic year compatibly with Departments didactic activities. This procedure is applicable to exchanges within the framework of international agreements in force.

Check the list of  international agreements in force

Application procedures

The Ph.D Student has to:

  • make sure to filfil the first compulsory requirement in order to spend an exchange period at the University of Catania checking the list of the international agreements in force; 
  • get in in touch with the international mobility coordinator of the department of interest sending a formal request describing the project that the candidate intends to carry out at the University of Catania (didactic programme) and attaching a reference letter of a tutor professor of the sending university and a C.V;
  • obtain the acceptance letter from the hosting department of the University of Catania in case of a positive evaluation of the request;
  • fill in the application form online and submit it together with a scanned copy of the acceptance letter, at least 30 days before the supposed arrival date. 

Application will automatically arrive at the Ph.D Students Office who will inform the Insurance Office and the Safety and Prevention Area. 

In order to obtain VISA, upon request, International Didactic Unit of the hosting department (IDU) will issue an acceptance letter indicating:

  • type of mobility
  • if it is covered by scholarship
  • accommodation

Arrival procedures

  • Reach the Department interested and register the arrival at IDU.
  • IDU will transmit registration data to the PhD Student Office. 
  • Agree with the IDU all the details for safety training seminar (mandatory for all incoming visitors) organized by the Safety and Prevention Area.

Once in Italy international guests must follow Italian procedures to obtain their stay permission.

Exchange Phd students may benefit from an insurance policy limited to participation at didactic/formative activities, excluding sport activities. EU guests can benefit from medical assistance only if they have the European Sanitary Card, non-EU guests need to have their own medical insurance.

Exchange Phd students accepted must get the Italian Codice Fiscale. In order to obtain it, they need to go to Agenzia delle Entrate with their passport/identity card and stay permission (if non-EU citizens).

In order to get support in these procedure please contact:
Maria Sanfilippo |  
Address: Via Valdisavoia 9, 95123 Catania
Receiving hour: by appointment


The University of Catania verifies, every year, available accommodation and catering services.
For updated and detailed information, please click here.

Departure procedures

At the end of the exchange period the student has to notify the departure to the IDU, get the final report and the attendance certificate stating the entire mobility period. The student will have to go to the PhD students office that will validate the final certificate. Certificate without all the necessary signature will be considered not complete and therefore invalid.

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