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International Graduates Placement

In order to support the development of vocational training, the University of Catania is committed to implementing in-house job training promoted by worldwide partners. The training can be carried out across the University structures, service centers and within any other related structure belonging to University’s general administrative office

Activation and duration

Newly graduates from foreign universities, within 12 months after graduation, are advised to address to the International Mobility Office (IMO) of the University of Catania for the activation of a traineeship. An Internship agreement has to be signed in advance in order to activate the internship.
The IMO shall be responsible for checking the availability of the hosting structure and for all the administrative process of the internship agreements. The initiative is designed to be used across the facilities and the departments of the University of Catania. The longest length is up to six months and this includes any further extension. 

Internship Agreement (download)

Training agreement

The training agreement is the document ruling each single aspect of the internship. It has to be signed by the sending tutor and by the trainee and, at least 15 days before the foreseen mobility, it has to be sent to to be finalized with the host structure responsible and the on-site tutor signatures.
The trainee is required to comply with the provisions included in the training agreement; the internship experience is considered to be successfully completed when the trainee has attended at least a 70% of the training project. 

Training Agreement (download)

Attendance allowance

The trainee shall be paid by the host structure where the traineeship is supposed to take place. An allowance of at least € 300/00 gross pay per month shall be given after a minimum of 70% of the whole training activity. The provision of compensation for attendance and its exact monthly amount shall be subject to a specific clause under the agreement. 

Declaration of Skills 

This is the document issued by the host organization at the end of the internship and contains a description of the activities performed by the trainee and the evaluation of his/her final expertise at the end of  the training course. 

Declaration of Skills (download)

Insurance Coverage

The University of Catania provides insurance coverage for the trainee’s civil liability towards third parties and work accidents. 


The trainee is entitled to take a break from training on account of sickness, accident and maternity, which is possible to extend to a third of the whole internship period. The time of suspension does not add up to the sum of the total internship duration.


International Mobility Office (IMO)
Via Antonino di Sangiuliano 197 (2nd floor)
I-95131 - Catania
Phone: (+39) 095 730 7049
Fax: (+39) 095 730 7008

Receiving Hours
Wed-Thu: 9:30-12:30
Summer Receiving Hours (July-August)
Wed: 9:30-12:30

Contact person
Nicoleta Pascu

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05/01/2017 - 13:37