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Design, synthesis, chemical and biological characterization of new molecules endowed with pharmacological activity (Erasmus Placement)

The traineeship will be performed within the laboratories of pharmaceutical biotechnology and radiobiology of the Department of Drug Sciences under the mentoring of Dr. Emanuele Amata. Main activities will include design, synthesis, chemical and biological characterization of new molecules. The trainee will be involved in the study of the protocols and background literature, and in the use of specific software. Practical laboratory activities will include, synthesis in solution, analytical and preparative chromatography, analytical compound characterization, protein extract preparation, and radioligand binding assay development. The use of specific equipment for the chemical and biological characterization is contemplated (i.e. UV Spectroscopy, NMR, IR spectrophotometer, Beta-counter, etc). The trainee has to be organized, reliable, computer literate, and able to work independently as well as in team. Moreover, the trainee has to be flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned.

Position is also open for PhD Students

Study cycle: 
post graduate
Languages skills required: 
English B1
Italian A2
3 months
second semester
Summer traineeships: 
Research centre/company involved: 
University of Catania - Department of Drug Science
Accident insurance during working hours only and Liability insurance
Traineeship type: 
Erasmus traineeship