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Sciences and Languages for Communication

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Humanities
Access Requirements: 
Locally scheduled
Italian Classification: 
L-20 Scienze della comunicazione
Teaching Languages: 

Course Overview

The BA in Sciences and Languages for Communication aims to give students a solid grounding – both theoretico-methodological and applied – regarding the main media, genres and formats of communication in contemporary society. The course comprises two curricula, namely Communication Sciences and Languages for International Communication, both aiming to promote the abilities to critically analyse and to use the traditional and new media.

Educational Goals

The BA in Sciences and Languages for Communication intends to give students:

  • the essential skills which are required in the domains of cultural communication, of the management of mass media as well as of the planning and application of communicative modes for the performing arts (cinema, music, theatre) and for those companies operating in the sector of audiovisual, multimedia and interactive communication;
  • essential skills concerning international communication.

The course, hence, aims to promote the ability to use the new technologies, thus training students for jobs having a strongly communicative orientation: journalism, publishing, public and business communication, advertising, etc.

The MA in Communication of Culture and Performing Arts, the MA in Languages for International Cooperation or a first-level master course are possible follow-ups to the BA in Sciences and Languages for Communication.

Job Opportunities

  • Qualified personnel operating in the broadcasting of radio and television programmes
  • Specialists in the acquisition of information, professional interviewers and data collectors
  • Marketing and advertising experts
  • PR experts
  • Organisers of shows, exhibitions, cultural events, conferences, etc.
  • Experts in the fields of planning and production for the radio/TV/cinema/theatre
  • Qualified personnel at museums and libraries