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FAQ for International students on the Application Procedures


Dear International students, please get answers to "Frequently Asked Questions on the Application Procedures" to master's degrees in English for the academic year 2024/25.

Where can I find the Call for Admission?

The Call for admission is a PDF document published on our website (section "Education > Degree programmes > Master's Degrees"). In this document you can find information about the number of places, application procedure, admission requirements, enrolment procedures, tuition fees, scholarships and deadlines.

How can I register on the Students’ Portal?

You can register on the Students’ Portal using the “Registrati” botton. Check step-by-step portal registration here  and procedure to apply here.

I was admitted last year but I couldn’t join, should I register again?

You can use the same profile and credentials to access the Students’ Portal. However, you are required to submit a new application for the upcoming Academic Year since the admission offer is valid for one academic year only.

I have more than a one name. What should I do?

Fill in your profile using the exact data as it appears on your Passport. If you have more than one name or surname, you must include them all in the appropriate field.

I do not have a name/surname. How do I fill the field?

If in your passport there is no name or surname, please fill in the field with “xxx”.

Where can I check study title requirements for entering the Master’s Degree course?

Please check country-based study title requirements here

I have not finished my previous studies yet. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply with the most recent version of your transcript of records. The document must be either in English or in Italian. The deadline for obtaining the bachelor’s degree is 31 July 2024.

Can I apply if my documents have not been legalised yet?

Yes. The legalisation of documents is not required to apply to Unict. Legalised documents must be provided only in case of admission and upon enrolment, according to the set deadlines.

What are the University scholarship opportunities?

The best 5 candidates on each degree course shortlist will be entitled to receive a scholarship. Scholarships will be worth 2000 euros gross, to be subtracted from eventual charges on the beneficiary’s account, per year for two years.

Do I have to pay an application fee for each programme I have applied for?

Yes, the application fee of 10 euros is only for one course your apply.

Can I waive the application fee or pay it later?

No, the application fee cannot be waived nor postponed.

What if I am not able to make the payment? (the system gives me error)

Check if your card is allowed to make international payments and that you have enough money on it. If the system doesn’t let you to proceed, do not keep on trying. Wait at least 2 hours to let the system reset. The system can be blocked due to the facts that you use translator extensions. If problem still persists, try to change browser or provider and IP address.

I have paid the application fee, but I have not been admitted. Can I get a refund?

No, the application fee is not refundable.

What if I am not able to go on with the admission procedure (the system stuck)?

Do not use translator extensions. Because of the extensions the system will not work properly.

 I cannot find the admission page, what should I do?

Check carefully instruction and where you are pre-clicking. It might surely be that you are in the wrong section. (Enrolment and admission > Master’s Degree > Admission tests)

What is "summary sheet"?

It is a form that summarizes your application, which you need fill in and sign before uploading.

If I have more than one file to upload, what can I do?

Just merge them in one PDF file.

How can I know if my admission request has been registered?

You will receive an email informing you that the request has been sent. If you didn't, check the spam box or check again your profile to be sure you have completed all steps.

My graduation/high school grade has a decimal number, how can I insert it?

Round it up or down and put just "whole numbers" (without commas or points).

Do you accept Duolingo?

No, check carefully the language requirements for each course in the "Annexes" of the Call.

How long does it take for my application to be assessed?

On completing the evaluation process the admission boards will place the candidates found suitable into a list in order of classification for admission into each Master’s course. These lists will be published on our website (Call for Admision page) by 6th May 2024. Suitable candidates will be contacted by e-mail.

What does "eligible" mean?

You are eligible BUT, based on your position in the ranking and on available seats, you have not been selected and you need to wait the scrolling. You could be be admitted only in case new seats are made available (i.e. in case of withdrawals).

How can I confirm my admission?

Suitable candidates who have passed the selection procedure and are admitted to the course will have to pay an enrolment confirmation fee of 75 euros within 10 days from the publication of the shortlist to confirm their acceptance of the place. This payment will not be refunded under any circumstances. The payment should be made through the PagoPA system. Detailed information on how to proceed with the payment will be sent to candidates by e-mail.

How can I receive the admission letter?

If you have been admitted and you have paid the enrolment confirmation fee, you will receive your admission letter on your e-mail.

Can you waive the application fee?

No, the application fee is mandatory and cannot be waived.

Can you refund the application fee?

No, the application fee is mandatory and cannot be refunded.

Can you assess my profile before I apply?

No, we can’t. The evaluation of students' backgrounds and qualifications is carried out exclusively by  Academic Committee.

Which type of courses in English are offered at the University of Catania?

The University of Catania offers 8 Masters' Degree courses taught in English.

I’m an international student from an EU country: how to apply for a programme at UNICT?

Being an EU citizen, the procedure to follow for the enrolment in a programme at UNICT is the same as the one for foreigners regularly residing in Italy, as specified here

How much is tuition fee?

The tuition fee for non-EU students living abroad is 306 euros

What is Syllabus?

A syllabus is a document released by your University on official letter head, stamped paper or online, that outlines all the essential information about a course. It lists the topics you studied, as well as the due dates of any coursework including tests, quizzes, or exams.



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