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Languages for International Cooperation

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Master's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Humanities
Access Requirements: 
Italian Classification: 
LM-38 Lingue moderne per la comunicazione e la cooperazione internazionale
Teaching Languages: 

Course Overview

The MA in Languages for International Cooperation is designed so as to be the continuation of the BA in Sciences and Languages for Communication, and is therefore chosen for the most part by graduates from that BA. It is also chosen by graduates coming from other BAs, provided that the following admission requirements are met: at least 12 CFUs in English language or Anglo-American language; 12 CFUs in a second language.

It is an innovative course which is characterised by an interdisciplinary structure including, in addition to the English and Anglo-American languages, a second language, together with socio-anthropological, historico-geographical, economico-legal and linguistic disciplines. Besides providing students with an advanced level of competence in the English and Anglo-American languages and in a second language chosen among French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic and Japanese, the course gives students a thorough knowledge in the fields of linguistics and communication studies, also offering them robust historical, geographical, sociological, legal and economic reference frameworks in a comparative fashion and with a special focus on the international context. In addition, students will receive proper training in the domain of language for specific purposes.