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Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Chemical Sciences
Access Requirements: 
Italian Classification: 
L-27 Scienze e tecnologie chimiche
Teaching Languages: 

Course Overview

The bachelor degree course in Chemistry aims to train graduates who have a solid basic training in the various fields of Chemistry, combined with an adequate knowledge of both theoretical and applicative aspects, in order to facilitate their acces to professional jobs and/or to gain access to master degree courses.

Educational Goals

The education project is articulated to provide sufficient basic mathematical and physical elements as well as an adequate knowledge of the various disciplines of chemistry in its theoretical, experimental and technological aspects. The acquired skills allow the graduate to adapt to the evolution of discipline, to interact with culturally contingent professionalism and to continue the studies in master's degree programs. In this context, the intensive laboratory activity, distributed on about 40 CFUs, is of particular importance, corresponding to about 480 hours of actual frequency of students in the facilities dedicated to the didactic laboratories. Requirement for obtaining the bachelor's  degree is the acquisition of 180 CFU, gained by passing 20 exams and final exam. 

Job Opportunities

The various opportunities for a chemistry's graduate include:

  • job in companies in the area of chemical, advanced, energy, petrochemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing industries
  • employment in public and private laboratories
  • the exercise of free professional activity after the state examination and enrollment in the Professional Register Public
  • the employment in public bodies and high schools
  • teaching and research at universities and national and international centers