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Basic degree in Tourism

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Educational Sciences
Access Requirements: 
Locally scheduled
Italian Classification: 
L-15 Scienze del turismo
Teaching Languages: 

Course Overview

The degree course offers the acquisition of professional-level competency in the field of tourism, both cultural and managerial. It aims at offering basic knowledge in the following areas:

  • Language comprehension (English, French, Spanish and German) and understanding of historical processes from the Greek to the contemporary periods, territorial geography, archaeology, art history from Medieval to contemporary times;
  • Understanding and comprehension of economic aspects of tourism-related managerial skills with reference to marketing in its various territorial, archaeological, artistic, winery and food aspects, etc.
  • Putting students in contact with aspects of the world of professional tourism through guided visits to historical monuments and the tourist agencies, to gain work experience particularly through both internal and external stages.

Job Opportunities

The course prepares the student for a wide range of professional opportunities in the tourism sector, with a specific orientation directed to cultural tourism which is an important resource of the territory, but not only.

Graduates will be able to be integrated in hosting structures, service cooperatives, travel agencies, as tour operators; the specific criteria are indicated in the legislation regarding the figure of the tourist guide, but the preparation will include gaining competence as a specific professional guide. Occupational opportunities will be available in public sectors, as they exist in city centers, artistic administrations, and museums. Also important the organization of the tourist-related holiday festivals, and also media sponsorship of such events both through private and public institutional entities.

Thus, professional tourism-related cultural and executive management capacities will be developed: for hotel and private sector management expertise; for specialists in both touristic products and services promotion; public relations, publicity promoting tourism, planning for expositions, trade fairs, conventions, meetings, receptions, travel agents and advertising activities.