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Professional Qualifications and State Exams

Possessors of foreign qualification titles need to gain the Italian title recognition in order to legally practise their profession. Titles can belong to Italian or foreign citizens from European or Extra-European countries.

The recognition title decree allows professionals to practise their profession in Italy and is published on the general site of the Official State Gazzette available for everybody.

Recognition Application must be submitted to the Italian Ministry of Justice (Website).

  • Exchange Broker
  • Agro-technic
  • Welfare Officer / Junior Welfare Officer
  • Actuary / Junior Actuary
  • Lawyer
  • Charted Accountant and Expert Accountant
  • Biologist / Junior Biologist
  • Chemist / Junior Chemist
  • Labour Consultant
  • Graduate Agronomist and Forester/ Zoonomist / Agricultural Bio-Technologist
  • Geologist / Junior Geologist
  • Building Surveyor and Graduate Building Surveyor
  • Journalist
  • Civil and Environmental Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Computer Science Engineer, Civil and Environmental Junior Engineer, Industrial Junior Engineer, Computer Science Junior Engineer
  • Agronomist  and Graduate Agronomist
  • Industrial Expert and Graduate Industrial Expert
  • Auditor
  • Dietary Expert

Possessors of a foreign professional title in the sanitary area willing to practice their profession in Italy, need to gain their title recognition from the Ministry of Health (Website).

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