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Further Studies

Advanced Courses

An Advanced Course is a refresher/permanent training course allowing students to develop their expertise and skills in order to further improve their professional qualities. To be admitted it is necessary to have a 1st or 2nd level degree. The courses have a variable duration.

An Advanced Course differs from a Master as no academic qualification is awarded; students will receive a certificate with details on the acquired skills.

Every year the University of Catania activates specialization courses, with restricted entry, propaedeutic to background training and useful for professional integration.

Specialization Schools

Specialization school is a post-lauream course of variable duration (from 4 to 6 years), aiming at providing knowledge and skills for the execution of highly qualified functions required by certain professional activities (D.M. 270/2004).

The qualifications and examinations call for applications is issued once a year and only students with a Laurea Magistralis University Degree can apply.

In particular Medical Area Specialization Schools aim at providing Medicine and Surgery graduates with deep qualification in the different specialties issuing a specialist qualification necessary for the fulfilment of their profession within the National Sanitary Service.

These schools are in keeping with EU directives for typology and duration or, anyway, are activated for the National Sanitary Services specific needs.

Doctors’ specialistic training is a full-time activity. There is a restricted entry and it is necessary to participate to the call.

For information on activated courses, see the single calls in the university website.

Summer schools and international conferences

Summer and Winter Schools are intensive course programmes with a varied didactic offer intended to meet new cultural and interdisciplinary focus needs.

They are international courses with a variable duration (from one to four weeks). Didactic plans schedule front lessons, workshops and also activities aiming at the discovery of culture and tradition of the sites. Most of them are taught in English. Courses address Italian and international students and newly-graduates and, in some cases, to specific professional figures. Final certificates are inclusive of ECTS credits.

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