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Mapping the World. From open data to crowdsourcing and bottom-up society: models, algorithms, and applications.

From july 12 to july 18, sponsored by the University of Catania,  the Lipari summer school on computation complex systems  entitled: 

Mapping the World. From open data to crowdsourcing and bottom-up society:models, algorithms, and applications.

The school directed by Professors  Alfredo Ferro (Catania University), Dirk Helbing (ETH Zurich) and Andrea Rapisarda (Catania University)  addresses Ph.D. students, junior and senior researchers to the forefront of research activity on modern data analysis, in particular Big Data analytics. This includes subjects such as how to mine data in the Internet and data of Social Media. Participants will be able to work  on the Planetary Nervous System. The Planetary Nervous System is a large-scale distributed research platform that will provide real-time social mining services as a public good. 

 The lecturers of this year will be Michael Bernstein (Stanford University), Andreas Krause (ETH Zurich), Vittorio Loreto (Roma La Sapienza), Rosario Mantegna (Central European University, Budapest) and Fosca Giannotti (CNR Pisa). Participants will also have the opportunity to present the results of their research during a short communication session. 

Registration is still open, for more information please visit the school website