SER 4SC 2018

SER4SC 2018 is a tailored event to spread the awareness about the relevance of seismic and energy renovation actions to bridge the gap between sustainability and safety, with a link that may conserve both human and environmental resources. The venue of the conference represents a hotspot for the concerned field, therefore attendance is expected to be significant, both in quality and quantity.

The purpose of the conference is to stimulate discussions of new ideas and find new perspectives in traditional methods, approaches, and tools. SER4SC 2018 will provide a comprehensive view of the latest developments relating the reduction of seismic vulnerability and energy dependence of our towns.

The International Conference on Seismic and Energy Renovation for Sustainable Cities will be held on 1st-3rd February 2018 in Catania, Sicily - Italy. 

> Abstract submission: 15th July 2017