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GES 2017

The Gaia-ESO spectroscopic survey (GES) is providing a homogeneous overview of the distributions of kinematics and elemental abundances for the major components of the Milky Way, namely the bulge, the thick and the thin discs and the halo, as well as information on kinematics and elemental abundances for a sample of open and globular stellar clusters covering all accessible cluster ages and stellar masses. Information on the lithium abundance evolution, magnetic activity, and accretion is also being provided for young stars in open clusters.

Towards the end of its five-years observational campaign using the Fibre Large Array Multi Element Spectrograph (FLAMES) on the ESO-VLT, the Gaia-ESO Survey Fourth Science Meeting (GES2017) will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the new fifth internal data release in view of the forthcoming final data processing and analysis. The meeting is also timely for discussing combinations with the intermediate Gaia data releases and possible synergies with other Galactic surveys.

The Gaia-ESO Survey Fourth Science Meeting will be held on 4-8th September 2017 in Catania (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Catania), Sicily - Italy.