University of Catania
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Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Master's Degree
2 anni
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Access Requirements: 
Italian Classification: 
LM17 - Fisica
Teaching Languages: 
Double Degree: 
Universidad de Sevilla (Spagna, coordinating institution)
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spagna)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spagna)
Universidad de Salamanca (Spagna)
Universitat de Barcelona (Spagna)
Université de Caen Basse-Normandie (Francia)

Course Overview

The main goal of an international MSc in Physics is to train highly qualified professionals who can prove themselves to be especially competent and capable of developing their teaching expertise and any related industrial applications, in addition to conducting scientific research of a high calibre.

The MSc can be summarized in six curricula:

  • Astrophysics;
  • Applied Physics to cultural heritage, environment and medicine;
  • Condensed-matter physics;
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics;
  • Theoretical Physics;
  • Nuclear phenomena and applications of nuclear physics

Educational Goals

Students of this MSc are willing to go the extra mile to boost their skills and expertise. The quality of the insights they get throughout the first three years does really increase with a two-year MSc providing for highly specialized data acquisition. In-depth studies are in fact planned for students’ training as far as mathematical and computer science tasks are both concerned.

In addition to the above, postgraduates will also develop the following skills:

  • A more independent attitude to studying;
  • The ability to well use and integrate knowledge;
  • A problem-solving attitude to new or unfamiliar issues;
  • The ability to communicate well at all levels, in a clear and unambiguous manner;
  • A result-driven approach to scientific knowledge;
  • Solid foundations for continuing training in their preferred subject area (towards PhDs, second-level master degrees, or in postgraduate schools).

Job Opportunities

Typical job titles

  • Physicist
  • Astronomer
  • Astrophysicist