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Medicine and Surgery

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Single-Cycle Master's Degree
6 years
Teaching Facility: 
Department of General Surgery and Medical-Surgical Specialties
Access Requirements: 
Nationally scheduled
Italian Classification: 
LM41 - Medicina e Chirurgia
Teaching Languages: 

Course Overview

The master’s degree course in Medicine and Surgery taught in English with a Technology focus is a unique course that provides a solid scientific foundation and theoretical-practical training to become a competent and up-to-date medical professional, able to interact productively with professionals from the world of technology and innovation applied to health, to the well-being and care of the individual.

With a path of 12 semesters, 36 integrated courses and 360 credits overall, the master’s degree course is divided into 6 years of study, 60 of which dedicated to the development of specific professional skills. Teaching takes place with compulsory attendance of theoretical lessons, exercises and internships. The profit checks, passed positively, give the right to the acquisition of the corresponding credits.

The master’s degree course in Medicine and Surgery with a technological focus differs from the traditional degree course in Medicine and Surgery due to its attention to new technologies with a high applicative impact on preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic activities. Graduates will acquire in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as precision medicine, big data, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, e-health, biodevices, nanotechnologies, robotics and 3D printing.

With these skills, the Graduate will not only become an expert user of modern technologies applied to the various fields of Medicine, but also an active collaborator in the design of new and innovative technologies to solve global medical challenges, in cooperation with Master Graduates in the different sectors of Engineering.

Ultimately, the master’s degree Course in Medicine and Surgery taught in English with a "future" and "tech" focus aims to train a European professional-level doctor and surgeon, equipped with transversal, interprofessional and integrated knowledge, oriented towards health problems, to well-being and care, with training aimed at the medical challenges of the future and the needs of the Mediterranean area.

Educational Goals

With this course of study, you will be able to become a highly qualified doctor and surgeon specialized in the use of the most advanced technologies for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as for the promotion of health and well-being.

Thanks to an innovative and multidisciplinary study program, you will have the opportunity to acquire additional professional skills that will allow you to interact effectively with engineers and collaborate with them to design and use new technologies applied to medicine.

But that's not all: the course will also prepare you to manage emerging health challenges, such as those related to the environment, nutrition, sustainability, pandemics, migrations and conflicts, in order to address the urgent needs of the contemporary society.

The Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery includes six years of study, during which you will be able to deepen your knowledge of information, data science, electronic and industrial technologies, and acquire the necessary skills to become an innovative and highly specialized doctor. In addition, you will have the opportunity to carry out practical training activities, internships and laboratories, which will allow you to acquire solid professional experience and to become a complete professional, prepared to face any future challenge.

Job Opportunities

Doctors and Surgeons trained in the degree course have the opportunity to work in various roles and professional fields of a clinical and healthcare nature. These include:

  • Work in the National Health Service of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, respecting the local regulations relating to the equivalence of qualifications, and in public bodies and state-owned companies.
  • Employment with healthcare organizations or healthcare service management bodies nationally and internationally.
  • Work in university structures, both in research and teaching activities.
  • Carry out research aimed at the application of the most advanced technologies and the development of biomaterials.
  • Employment in companies in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sector.
  • Carry out freelance activities.

The course has a strong international vocation, providing students with training elements aimed at facilitating their insertion in medical-welfare realities not only on the national territory, but also in other countries, particularly in the Mediterranean area.

The Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery is also a requirement for continuing studies at Schools of Specialization in the medical, surgical and services areas (lasting 4-5 years), specific training courses in general medicine (lasting 3 years), research doctorate and second-level master.

In relation to subsequent study cycles, this master's degree fits particularly well with research doctorates, including those of an industrial type, and with specialization schools that prepare students for the management of modern emergencies (e.g., emergency-urgency medicine, community medicine and primary care) and the use of advanced technologies (e.g., specialist surgery, diagnostic imaging, and radiotherapy).

Ultimately, graduates of this course have access to a wide range of job opportunities, where they can put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired during their educational path.