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Corporate Finance

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Master's Degree
2 years
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Economics and Business
Access Requirements: 
Italian Classification: 
LM77 - Scienze economico-aziendali
Teaching Languages: 
Italian and English

Course Overview

A Corporate Finance master's degree provides advanced training by using a multidisciplinary approach to finance. Through core subjects such as economics, business, mathematics, statistics, and law students will gain a broader understanding of the interaction between business strategy and financial strategy.

Particular emphasis is placed on managing financial risks to better comprehend the functioning of markets and economic policies, combined with an in-depth knowledge on finance and insurance and on the banking system specificities.

The whole training is designed to provide a comprehensive, contemporary perspective on financial theory and practice to help students boost their professional and their operational skills. The topics covered by this training course require a high command of analytical, conceptual, economic and planning skills.

Plenty of lectures will be delivered in English, being the global language of business.

Educational Goals

Postgraduates in Corporate Finance are thoroughly familiar with capital market structure and functions, the banking role and non-bank financial intermediaries. By searching through innovation and tradition, they will be knowledgeable about technical issues regarding products and services and risk profiles. And, as originally required by the labour market, they will be able to make appropriate decisions on behalf of companies on how to effectively use financial tools.

Hence postgraduates in Corporate Finance must:

  • have knowledge of economics and business, alongside mathematics, statistics and financial regulation;
  • go the extra mile extra knowledge by also using the right set of methodologies and techniques in terms of analytical formalization;
  • have the ability to recognise international and intercultural opportunities;
  • be well trained for roles of responsibility in governance, administration or accounting-related jobs;
  • be able to start freelancing in either the economic or business arena;
  • demonstrate to be able to have a good command of a second language besides Italian, in both writing and speaking.

Job Opportunities

Typical job titles

  • Management and Control Specialist
  • Work Organization Specialist
  • Accounting Expert
  • Financial Asset Specialist
  • Purchasing Manager and/or Asset and Service Manager
  • Business Specialist