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History of Art and Cultural Heritage

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Master's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Humanities
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Italian Classification: 
LM-89 Storia dell'arte
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Course Overview

The course aims to deepen the students’ knowledge of the historico-artistic disciplines and of the historico-critical and methodological reflections relating to such disciplines, with a view to training students for study and research activities, for teaching tasks, as well as for activities regarding the knowledge, preservation, "musealisation", and promotion of the historico-artistic heritage and the management of art events (e.g. producing artefacts for exhibitions, curating exhibitions, producing printed and multimedia materials on art subjects) with a special focus on the Mediterranean area.

To this end, the curriculum includes historico-artistic courses dealing with the medieval, modern and contemporary periods, with museological studies and with the history of art criticism, framed within a wider context provided by historical, archaeological, historico-literary, historico-cultural and archival disciplines, which represent the essential repertoire of knowledge for anyone specialising in history of art.

Furthermore, the course gives students the possibility to attend relevant study seminars and conferences – also held by other universities – and to do internships at public, private and ecclesiastical museums and at institutions concerned with the knowledge, preservation and promotion of the historico-artistic heritage.

Educational Goals

The course aims to train scholars and personnel in the fields of historico-artistic research, both theoretical and applied, and of the preservation of monuments and artefacts dating from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era, enhancing the expertise the students have already acquired during their BA in terms of methods and contents.

The course is hence intended to provide students with the adequate skills to ‘read’ specific segments of the historico-artistic knowledge concerning the Middle Ages, the modern era, the contemporary era as well as the figurative models of the classical world, both in terms of formal analysis and in terms of documentation. Moreover, with its aim to further enhance the conceptualisation of the historico-artistic artefact, seen as an integral part of a wider cultural landscape, the course intends to address issues of promotion and utilisation of the cultural heritage by promoting a thorough mastery of linguistic tools and planning abilities.

Job Opportunities

  • Art experts
  • Curators of museums
  • Researchers and professionals in the classical, philologico-literary and historico-artistic fields

The course also gives students access to specialisation schools in history of art, PhDs, second-level master programmes, as well as to the teaching of history of art at secondary schools (provided that they acquire the necessary qualification, in accordance with the current legislation).