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Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Bachelor's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Access Requirements: 
Nationally scheduled
Italian Classification: 
L/SNT3 Professioni sanitarie tecniche
Teaching Languages: 

Course Overview

Dietitian are healthcare professionals that may plan food and nutrition programs and promote healthy eating habits to prevent and treat illness. Dietetics graduates are healthcare operators qualified to carry out all activities connected with the correct application of diet, including educational aspects and the joint implementation of food policies in accordance with existing laws.

Educational Goals

Graduates in Dietetics are healthcare professionals licensed to assess and treat nutritional problems. They work with the bodies responsible for the maintenance of hygiene in the food service; they draw up, formulate and implement diets prescribed by a doctor and check they are accepted by the patient; finally work with other professionals to provide multidisciplinary treatments for eating disorders.

They research and draw up food rations designed to satisfy the nutritional requirements of population groups, and organise food services for sick and healthy communities. They provide educational and informative initiatives geared at informing people about correct dietary principles, so as to foster the recovery and maintenance the good health of the individual, the community and population groups.

During the three-years course they will achieve an in-depth understanding of nutrition and metabolism gained from the study of physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and food science, with recognition of the influencing aspects of psychology.

They must also be able to use at least one European Union language, besides Italian.

The achievement of professional skills is implemented through a theoretical and practical training that guarantees, at the end of the training course, full mastery of all the necessary skills and their immediate usability in the workplace. An integral and qualifying part of the training is the theoretical-practical training to be carried out in hospital, day-hospital or outpatient clinics. The internship is carried out with the supervision and guidance of specially assigned professional tutors.

Job Opportunities

  • Dietitian