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Business Management

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Master's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Economics and Business
Access Requirements: 
Italian Classification: 
LM-77 Scienze economico-aziendali
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Course Overview

The Master degree in Business Management guarantees an appropriate knowledge in Economics, Business, Mathematics, Statistics and Law, which allows students: to deal with business problems from an integrated perspective; to develop methods, knowledge and abilities needed to occupy key roles in business administration and to act as practitioner in the field of business and economics. The high standard of knowledge, both specific and multidisciplinary allows to perform the characteristic activities of a manager: anticipation of the evolution of environmental dynamics; decision in a context of risk and uncertainty what actions to undertake to reach the desired goals, and verifying the outcome and choosing the best methods. This course aims at providing a comprehensive knowledge of specific characteristics of different types of firms, the main issues of administration, management, entrepreneurship, and the specific features of the national and international contexts.

The Master degree in Business Management provides the conceptual tools and the theoretical background necessary to manage the organizational and environmental complexity of different business typologies, and to apply the conceptual knowledge to real situations.

Educational Goals

Training activity is organized to develop a personal ability to assess and apply theoretical frameworks to real situations and problem solving. Attention is focused on both external environment (competitive and non-competitive) and internal contexts (information systems, job organization), in order to address complex situations. Students learn to interact, evaluate and propose, depending on the specific managerial activity to perform in various business settings. In order to deal with several business topics, graduates have to develop skills related to both new business planning and to the management and governance of ongoing businesses. Based on technical skills in economics and law, and mathematical and statistical instruments, graduating in Business Management certifies a comprehensive understanding of managerial concepts and tools in different business areas, such as corporate and business strategy, operations, finance, accounting and auditing.

Teaching is mainly focused on lessons, whose programs and organization is described in the syllabus. Learning is monitored through tests, both during and at the end of courses. Teaching methods wish to develop the ability to apply the conceptual frameworks acquired from the various subjects in the program. Technological tools support the development of know-how by assisting business simulations, planning and marketing research, and providing students with databases and software packages. During the course, students are expected to attend seminars, also in English, to join group and project activities, and to write papers on the specific topics required by the course syllabus. Final tests, written, oral, and multimedia based, aim at verifying communication skills, both abstract and analytical. In addition to the final tests, learning is monitored during the courses by participatory teaching.

Job Opportunities

  • Project managers
  • Manager and consultant in private or public firms
  • Specialists in the following fields: communication; commerce; banking;planning, management and control in public administrations; planning, management and control of private companies; accounting and finance.