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Sicily-East Asia Workshop - Low Energy Nuclear Physics

28-31 July 2014 - Sicily-East Asia Workshop - Low Energy Nuclear Physics - School of Architecture in Siracusa, University of Catania

In the last years an intense collaboration in the field of low energy nuclear physics, with a very special emphasis on nuclear astrophysics, was established and confirmed by conducting several experiments together. The intention is to continue and strengthen this collaboration for long years to come.

To this end, it is essential to discuss the subjects that will be the focus in the next years in an informal but efficient way and to extend this discussion to interested Colleagues that were not involved in previous experiment and researches as well. A very focused workshop of few days will greatly help to fulfil these goals. During the workshop  will be discussed the key physics issue in low energy nuclear physics to be addressed in collaboration experiments. These will be conducted primarily -but not exclusively- at both CNS/RIKEN and INFN-LNS facilities.

Last but not least, contributions from theorists will be very welcome and helpful to set new perspectives and goals. The research themes  to be discussed include but are not limited to: a) Nuclear processes relevant for astrophysics like quiescent and explosive nucleosynthesis, hot-CNO, primordial nucleosynthesis, AGB stars; b) fusion mechanisms at and below the Coulomb barrier with heavy ion beams; c) cluster structures in stable and unstable nuclei; d) reaction mechanisms; e) applications.

The Workshop will be held in Siracusa, Sicily, in the building of the School of Architecture (SCA) of the Catania University.