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Data Science for Management

Academic Year: 
Degree Level: 
Master's Degree
Teaching Facility: 
Department of Economics and Business
Access Requirements: 
Locally scheduled
Italian Classification: 
LM91 - Techniques and methods for the Information Society
Teaching Languages: 

Course Overview

By taking an interdisciplinary approach, this degree path aims to develop an in-depth knowledge of:

  • structured and unstructured data collection, processing, data compression, filing, security;
  • most common programming languages for data analysis;
  • statistical analysis of data;
  • machine learning, neural computing and deep learning;
  • database design and special features for Big Data.



Educational Goals

Graduates will be able:

  • to interpret and summarise with scientists from different backgrounds of expertise  data analysis results of any relevance  for scientific, technological or business purposes;
  • to design a whole data collection process, the clearing, filing and efficient as well as safe use of data, including Big Data;
  • to interpret and convey data analysis results  performed by means of advanced tools, such as language programming, graphics and interactive platforms.

Job Opportunities

Postgraduate students from this master’s degree will develop a quantitative attitude to the analysis of scientific, economic, managerial, social and health phenomena. They will take an interdisciplinary approach by interpreting data analysis results to help end-users and business users too. They will be fully aware of the ethical principles involving data collection, storage and (sensitive) use of personal data and information. Job opportunities and professional guidance that shall be given by companies, organizations and/or institutions, for training purposes, and for data collection too, have to be regarded as an additional feature of this degree programme.