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SIF 2021

The SIF 2021 national congress will be held online from 13 to 17 September 2021.

Abstracts must be submitted WITHIN 7 MAY 2021, with a maximum of 100 words and without figures, with the appropriate Section indicated, the complete address for correspondence of the speaker with his/her name underlined.
Abstracts can be submitted online or sent by e-mail at The online submission is preferable. Normally each author can be reported as a speaker in one communication only.
Only abstracts submitted in due time and conforming the rules will be published in the online Proceedings of the Congress. Details about the abstract presentation will be available shortly.

One of the authors, possibly the speaker, must be a member of the Italian Physical Society.


  1. Nuclear and subnuclear physics
  2. Solid state physics
  3. Astrophysics
  4. Geophysics and physics of the environment
  5. Biophysics and medical physics
  6. Applied physics, accelerators and physics applied to cultural heritage (archaeometry)
  7. Physics education and history of physics

Awards for best presentations

The best presentations will be awarded a prize and their contribution will be published on Il Nuovo Cimento.

Moreover, approximately the 25-30% of the communications will be selected for publication as short articles (4-6 pages) although they are not in the list of winners.