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The Ph.D. (Dottorato di Ricerca) is a qualification awarded on completion of a course corresponding to the third cycle of studies.  Its learning outcomes are the knowledge of the most advanced level of a scientific field and the ability to extend, improve, redefine or innovate the existing knowledge through original research contribution. 


A Ph.D. course lasts three academic years. As a general rule, each academic year goes from November 1 of a specific year to October 31 of the next year.

Types of Ph.D. courses

Three types of Ph.D. courses are available:

  • Ph.D. courses offered and implemented by the University of Catania as single institution. The final degree is awarded by the University of Catania.
  • Ph.D. courses offered and implemented by the University of Catania in collaboration with other Italian universities. The final degree is awarded by the University of Catania as coordinating institution. 
  • Ph.D. courses offered and implemented by the University of Catania in collaboration with foreign universities. The final degree can be a double degree. The Ph.D. student can be awarded two final national qualifications from both the University of Catania and the foreign partner university, provided he/she carries out his/her research at both universities.

Course Management

Each Ph.D. course is managed by an Academic Board and a Coordinator.

The Academic Board is composed by tenured professors and researchers from the University of Catania and from partner institutions, if any.

The Academic Board:

  • defines coursework activities;
  • approves the research project and the study plan of each Ph.D. student;
  • nominates an academic supervisor for each Ph.D. student;
  • authorizes Ph.D. students to carry out research work at other institutions, both in Italy and abroad;
  • monitors each Ph.D. student's research work at the end of each academic year and decides whether to admit the student to the subsequent year or exclude him/her from the course.

The Coordinator is elected among and by the Academic Board members. The Coordinator convenes and chairs the Academic Board and is responsible for the general coordination of the doctoral programme.

Access requirements

Candidates for a place in a Ph.D. programme must hold one of the following degrees:

  • "Laurea Magistrale"  or "Specialistica" or "Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento" issued by an Italian university;
  • Any foreign university degree corresponding to the second cycle of studies (second level - master level degree).

Selection procedure and Call for applications

Candidates for a Ph.D. programme are selected on competitive basis. Selection procedures always include the evaluation of specific qualifications. Additional tasks, such as written/oral examinations, might be required according to the type of Ph.D. programme. 

Each academic year the University of Catania issues a Call for applications (in Italian "Bando di Concorso"). The Call for applications provides candidates with information regarding:

  1. Ph.D. courses offered by the University of Catania in the relevant academic year with indication, for each Ph.D. course, of the following information:

  • Selection procedures;
  • Duration of the course;
  • Number of places with scolarships and funding institutions;
  • Number of non-scolarship places;
  • Partner institutions, if any; 
  1. Access requirements;

  2. Application guidelines and qualifications/annexes to be attached to the application form;

  3. Registration procedures and fees.


For the academic year 2016-2017 the University of Catania has issued two call for applications.

The first call for applications (ref. number 2293) is related to the following Ph.D. courses:

  • Agricultural, food and environmental science (international)
  • Basic and applied biomedical sciences (international)
  • Translational biomedicine (international)
  • Physics
  • Law (international)
  • Systems, energy, computer and telecommunications engineering
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Neuroscience (international)
  • Materials science and nanotechnologies
  • Chemistry (international)
  • Geological, biological and environmental sciences
  • Poltical science
  • Cultural heritage studies
  • Evaluation and mitigation of urban and land risks 

Closing date for applications: September 6 2016, h. 14,00 (2 pm) (Italian time)

A specific Addendum to the Call for applications (ref. number 2293) has been published, which concerns Ph.D. courses in "Systems, energy, computer and telecommunication engineering" and "Mathematics and computer science". 

Candidates for the Ph.D. course in "Chemistry" - cycle XXXII are informed that the oral examination, originally scheduled for September 27, h. 9,00 (9 am) Italian time, has been postponed to September 29, h. 9,00 ( 9 am) Italian time. The place of the oral examination is Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, viale Andrea Doria 6, Catania. 

The second call for applications (ref. number 2441) is related to the Ph.D. course in "Complex systems for physical, socio-economic and life science"

Closing date for applications: September 6 2016, h. 14,00 (2 pm) (Italian time) 

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