International Undergraduates Placement

In order to support training activities, the University of Catania promotes internal curricular training for foreign students. The training can take place in teaching or research structures of the University. 

Activation and duration

Students from foreign Universities are advised to address all their queries to the relevant office in charge at their institution. The foreign University shall submit a request to the International Mobility Office of the University of Catania (IMO) . IMO will check within the prospective department the availability to host the trainee, and will get the letter of acceptance. Then an Internship Agreement has to be made. The IMO shall be responsible for all the administrative procedures, including the Rector's signature.
Students enrolled at foreign University can be the beneficiaries of the initiative; the internship shall take place for a maximum length of time of 12 months.

Internship Agreement (download)

Training agreement

This is the document ruling each single aspect of the internship. It has to be signed by the sending tutor and by the trainee and, at least 15 days before the foreseen mobility, it has to be sent to the host structure responsible and the on-site tutor for their signatures.
The trainee is required to comply with the provisions contained in the training agreement. The internship experience is considered to be successfully completed when the trainee has attended at least a 70% of the training project.

Training Agreement (download)

Declaration of Skills

This is the document signed by on-site tutor and by the trainee for acceptance, which contains a description of the activities performed by the trainee and the evaluation of his/her final expertise at the end of the training activities. The on-site tutor shall send a digital copy to IMO.

Declaration of Skills (download)

Insurance Coverage

The University of Catania provides insurance coverage for the trainee’s civil liability towards third parties and work accidents.


The trainee is entitled to take a break from training on account of sickness, accident and maternity, which is possible to extend to a third of the whole internship period. The time of suspension does not add up to the sum of the total internship duration.

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