Important Notice for non-EU Students and Scholars

Non-EU students can be accepted at the University of Catania:

  • if regularly enrolled, following Italian laws, for one or more academic years and if inscribed for single courses (free movers) and managed by Foreign Students Office of the Didactic Area;
  • if selected under International Cooperation Agreements or Memorandum of Understanding signed by their institution and the University of Catania, for less than one academic year and free of enrolment charges, as indicated by the administrative guidelines managed by the International Mobility Office - IMO (Incoming International Students) ;
  • under international and European cooperation programmes, they will be managed by Foreign Students Office, if the programme provides for a regular enrollment at hosting institution, or, on the contrary, by IMO, if the programme provides for a short mobility and doesn’t require a regular enrolment at hosting institution.

As for non-EU Ph.D. students:

  • those who passed a regular Ph.D. call, even if foreigner, must be considered students of the University of Catania and are, therefore, managed by the Ph.D. Office of the Didactic Area;
  • those in mobility for 6 months or less, will be managed by IMO, as indicated by the administrative guidelines (Incoming International Ph.D. students).

For particular necessities and/or difficulties, upon request, the University of Catania provides a customized assistance service for first support for non-EU students regularly enrolled and in short mobility. If you are interested in this service, please click here.
Moreover, if you need useful and updated information on the procedures to obtain the Residence Permit and the Fiscal Code in Catania, please click here.

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