International Ph.D. Students

The following guidelines are addressed to EU and non-EU Ph.D. students who intend to carry out a short mobility period (max 6 months) at the University of Catania. Such mobility can be done in every moment of the academic year compatibly with Departments didactic or research activities.

Application procedures

Students are required to get their invitation letter from the hosting department in Catania. After that, they may go through the whole application procedure starting from the online application form.
Students data will be automatically transferred to the database of the University of Catania.
Only after the reception of data, International Mobility Office (IMO) of the University of Catania wille-mail the acceptance letters to students. 

Arrival procedures

Arrival procedures will take place upon the students arrival at IMO, during receiving hours, presenting the acceptance letter and one passport-size photo. They will be provided with a university card they have to keep during all their mobility in Catania and give back to IMO before their departure.
At the end of registration procedure, the student will have to present themselves to the hosting department in order to meet their tutor and gain information on didactic aspects of their mobility and assistance for their learning agreement.

Departure procedures

At the end of their mobility, students must visit IMO with the following documents in original:student card and certificate stating the work done (issued by their scientific tutor). IMO, once checked all documents, will issue an attendance certificate stating the mobility period.

VISA, insurance and medical assistance

In order to obtain VISA, upon student request, IMO will issue an acceptance letter indicating:

  • type of mobility
  • if it is covered by scholarship
  • accommodation

Once in Italy Ph.D. students must follow Italian procedures to obtain their stay permission.

International mobility Ph.D. students may benefit from an insurance policy limited to participation at didactic/formative activities, excluding sport activities. EU students can benefit from medical assistance only if they have the European Sanitary Card, non-EU students need to have their own medical insurance.

Italian “Codice Fiscale”

Student accepted must get the Italian Codice Fiscale. In order to obtain it, they need to go to Agenzia delle Entrate with their passport/identity card and stay permission (if non-EU citizens).
For updated information on Resident permit and Fiscal code, non-EU students can click here.


The University of Catania verifies, every year, available accommodation and catering services.
For updated and detailed information, please click here.

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