Individual STT Mobility

Visiting professors and administrative units, coming from partner institutions who have already signed a Bilateral Erasmus Agreement with the University of Catania, may also choose to apply and be accepted by a specific department or other structures of interest at UNICT for job shadowing practice or training. Visitors from higher education institutions are therefore expected to take this chance to exchange the knowledge they have in relation to a particular problem of a technical or cultural nature which may help both institutions to improve work skills and performance and enhance best practice.

For verifying the eligibility for the individual SST mobility, please check out here the list of our bilateral agreements.

List of bilateral Agreement (a.y. 2016/2017)

Application procedures

1.   Before leaving

  • Both professors and administrative staff units, appointed by their home institutions, need to get in touch with their chosen departments or other structures at UNICT for an Invitation Letter signed by the Erasmus Department Coordinator (if the visitors want to visit a department) or by the director (if visitors want to visit an other structure at UNICT). This letter must include dates, number of hours and activities to be performed, and has to be uploaded as an attachment file at the end of the online application.
  • After receiving the application, the International Mobility Office (IMO) of the University of Catania will send to each applicant a formal acceptance by e-mail, signed by the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator of the University or on his behalf by IMO Coordinator. Any further queries or additional documents required by their sending institution has to be addressed to

Application Form

2.   Upon arrival in Catania - Training activities

  • The incoming visitors will be expected to perform all the activities scheduled in the training programme agreed with the hosting structure and will be coordinated by the contact person in Catania.

3.   Before leaving Catania - Training activities certification

  • At the end of the training programme, the contact person in Catania will write up a final report  on the activities peformed by the visiting staff unit or professor, which will be then sent to the IMO e-mail address attaching any further or relevant documentation, in due time so as to enable the IMO to process the information for the departure record.
  • IMO shall then receive, by appointment, the incoming professor or the administrative staff unit to release a Training Activity Certification, which will be signed by the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator or, on his behalf, by the IMO Coordinator.
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