University Facilities

Bio-nanotech Research and Innovation Tower

BRIT is a research laboratory that focuses on biotechnology and nanotechnology for the care, treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. The realization of the four "Biological towers", home to this center, is one of the most important scientific investments that the University of Catania has achieved in recent years, through which research groups from different sectors can work together to create a network of excellence... read more

Career Guidance and Vocational Centre

The Career Guidance and Education Centre of the University of Catania was established in 1995. Since then the activity and the projects of the centre have constantly been increasing and our management has developed in order to satisfy the strong demand in education and training both from the academic world and professional environments. The “Decreto Direttoriale” dated 10th August 2007 no.7360 has defined the activities and the tasks of our structures... read more

European Documentation Centre

The European Documentation Centre Network (ECDs) was set up by the European Commission in 1963 with the purpose to identify the needs of researchers, students and citizens. Therefore, EDCs are contractually entitled to receive, free of charge, most publications of the European Communities institutions. There are now more than 600,00 such centres, mainly located in universities.

Libraries and Documentation Centre

The Library and Documentation Centre was created in 1992 to coordinate and develop the activities of the University Library System and aims at restoring and exploiting the historical, scientific and documentary heritage of the University of Catania. It is the starting point for the institution of an integrated network between all libraries of the University of Catania.

Multimedia Languages Centre

The Multimedia Language Centre of the Athenaeum (Clma) was founded in 1995 by the University of Catania for the promotion of foreign languages and is supported by the use of multimedia instruments.

The Centre joined the Aiclu (the Italian body for all University Language Centres in Italy) in 1998 using qualified mother tongue speakers and a variety of other highly skilled professionals... read more

Mobility Management Office

Since 2007 the Mobility Management Office (Momact) of the University of Catania aims at the promotion of sustainable mobility among students, employees and citizens as well.

A milestone in the path of MOMACT is the university-based travel plan, approved by the Board of Directors in 2009, which outlines interventions and strategies to increase student and staff mobility. The main projects identified in the plan are: public transport bus services for students... read more

Disability Advisory Centre

According to the statement of the laws 104/92 and 17/99, the University of Catania welcomes students with disability and specific learning difficulties (SpLDs). From 1999 it is committed to improve the access of both undergraduate and postgraduate students to their courses, facilities, buildings and social integration. The Disability Advisory Centre started its activity as part of Academic Guidance. It has a Division Manager and has been independent since May 2003... read more

Centre for Continuing Education, Innovation and Technology Transfer (Capitt)

The University Service Centre for Continuing Education, Professional Training and Innovation and Technology Transfer - Capitt – has been established within the University of Catania in order to promote and develop the University’s role in the interaction between Research and Industry and the Continuing Education and Professional Training... read more

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