Multimedia Languages Centre (Clma)

The Multimedia Language Centre (Clma) was founded in 1995 by the University of Catania for the promotion of foreign languages and is supported by the use of multimedia instruments.

The Centre joined the Aiclu (the Italian body for all University Language Centres in Italy) in 1998 using qualified mother tongue speakers and a variety of other highly skilled professionals to best teach foreign languages. Teachers and trained IT experts work together closely for the creation and the establishment of teaching methods and processes.

All courses are open to the general public and not only to university students. The Clma also acts as a service centre for the whole university and is ideal for the integration of both public and private sectors.

The Centre has 2 frontal teaching classrooms and 3 multimedia labs (including an Apple computer lab) allowing both staff and students to gain a better understanding and practice of the common use of language. Each lab is equipped with 15 computers affording students the opportunity to utilize CDs, video-recorders and the Internet.

The Clma has stipulated several agreements, on behalf of the University of Catania, with various international language associations, for the organization of the following International English tests: TOEFL iBT, Cambridge (CAE, FCE and PET).

The Clma is regarded as being among the best language centres in Italy and is always available to discuss the best solutions for more effective teaching and learning of foreign languages.

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04/13/2018 - 09:16