Innovation & Technology Transfer

The University of Catania, in the latest years, is strongly involved in the development and promotion of Innovation and Technology, together with achieving its third mission, that is to say its business venture vocation.

Our University has, indeed, an important role in the regional territory in promoting the development of the matching up of industry and researchers through periodic meetings with a specific subject of interest.

Besides, the University of Catania has successfully promoted and helped the creation of spin-offs operating in the ICTs, in the microelectronic, chemical, biotechnology and health sectors and has supported the protection of research results through the licencing of patents.  These activities have been carried out  in application of its own regulations and in cooperation with private entities, companies or individuals.

The University of Catania, for example, has taken part to international and national projects promoting the matching between Research and Business (R2B) (for example the financed project “University support for research and development work in industry” MED 2007-2011 in  partnership with the University of Maribor- Slovenia- and other European countries). These projects are, in fact, a very special occasion to let stakeholders know which are the activities in which the University of Catania is involved.

Besides, in order to better accomplish to this task, the University of Catania has created a strategic service structure, the Industrial Liaison Office (ILO), offering professional service to University researchers and to the stakeholders existing in the regional area in order to  create new business in cooperation, through spin-offs or the licensing of patents. The office (today taken over by CAPITT) works as an information and support service both for internal researchers and for all those involved in the innovation process.


President: Prof. Rosario Faraci

Director: Dott. Gesualdo Missale
Phone: (+39) 095 7307052

Phone: (+39) 095 7307055 - 7072

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